7 simple steps
to regain energy

7 simple steps to regain your Energy plus the 5 biggest
mistakes most of us don’t know we’re making

Mothers have been the traditional guardians of health, home and healing. Yet somewhere along the way, our power and wisdom
has been eroded.

Do you instinctively know there’s a better way to nourish you or your family, but feel confused or overwhelmed by conflicting information?

I’m Kate Barnes and I’d like to invite you into your virtual home (and one-stop resource) for nurturing you and your family’s wellbeing with simplicity and ease.

As a health coach, mentor, scientist and mother, my approach to health combines the wisdom of our ancestors, with the latest findings in scientific research, shaped by our modern needs.

It's time for a new lineage of
wellness wisdom

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Life Force. 11 Health Benefits of Zinc.

With the change of seasons and the winter months every second person has a cold, flu or gastro bug.  The mineral zinc, is a super important piece to our immunity puzzle. In fact, zinc is vital for many of the body’s processes and most people are chronically deficient in this vital mineral. ‘… As many as […]

Are We Malnourished?

So in the past week I’ve been adding a bit of zinc into our tanks! It’s actually made a noticeable difference. Like many nutrients, Zinc is one that our bodies uses a lot and one we can quickly become deficient in. I was going to share a bit about it, but got distracted thinking about […]

Nutrition and Tantrums
Common foods in our homes that extinquish tantrums and sky rocket childrens health and those to avoid
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