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Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for dropping by.

As a health and lifestyle coach for entrepreneurial mama’s I mentor women to reclaim their energetic and confident selves so they can create rich, thriving family lives and their own purpose driven and successful lives today. 

My online home is a place where I regularly share my knowledge, resources and loads of simple, practical information that’s also helped transform my clients lives.


My clients can come to me suffering from guilt, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue or weight issues and to be honest, they don’t know where else to go.   But the results they gain in working with me are amazing.

  • they reach their ideal weight
  • medications are reduced or they are taken off them completely
  • irritable bowel and digestive issues disappear
  • skin irritations clear
  • energy is restored
  • sleep is no longer a stranger and
  • they discover a richness in life they never expected to discover.

I am motivated by the immense influence we have as women, especially as mothers.  An influence that extends to our children and those around us.  When we understand the power and innate knowledge within us, anything is possible.

‘Our children are our future.  Nourish our mothers well and the future looks after itself’.

My mission

Much of the ‘advice’ available to us today is being subtly shared by corporations run by billion dollar enterprises rather than the wisdom of elders and the knowledge of traditional cultures that is the key to our families health and longevity. The information and marketing messages we are bombarded with daily are confusing and overwhelming.   I am on a mission to support women to become ‘reacquainted’ with their inner knowing and empower them to learn WHY and HOW to make the best choices.  In doing this my clients take back control of their health and build rock solid foundations of health in themselves and their families with practical, common sense, simple information that – before you know it – creates the family, home and life we’ve always dreamed of.
  • no more expensive Doctors visits or worry about your families health.
  • no more feeling guilty for not knowing if you’re doing ‘it right’ or doing enough!
  • no more confusion or feelings of inadequacy about your own career or what to do next.
  • no more confusion or feelings of overwhelm with all the information that’s ‘out there’, instead enjoy confidence and strength in the knowledge you gain.
  • no more indecisiveness.  Enjoy instead a trust in your inner knowing and your soul-led life.
I can’t thank you enough, you have helped me so much, on every part of my life!’ ~ Dina

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