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My short courses are the perfect way for you to learn practical information that is easy to put into practice straight away. Seeing clients every day and being a mother juggling, business, babies and home life, gives me a deep understanding of what you really need. It's got to be simple, practical and something you can easily do yourself. You don't have the time for anything else.


Our Happy Children
Start 21 May / End 15 June
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The opportunity to have children is one of the greatest gifts bestowed to us, but these days it can also be one of the most stressful. It is our childrens birthright to be born ‘pristine’, unfortunately this is often not always the case, although we’re told, ‘they’re fine’ and ‘that’s normal’, we instinctively know there’s something more we can be doing, but where do we start? Welcome, ‘Our Happy Children’, a ground breaking health education program for you and your children.

Being healthy is our most natural state and with simple strategies using nutrient rich foods and loving our lives, we can take control of our own health. What a gift to pass onto our children.

'Our Happy Children is extremely valuable! You can’t put a price on the health of your family… It is a brilliant program!’ Join us.

A Gentle Cleanse
Start 19 February / End 2 March
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Gentle Cleanse For the Mind, Body And Soul

‘I have just weighed in… and am amazed at my results. I lost 3cm from my stomach, pretty much 2 cm all over and lost 3.1 kilos. This has also been with no exercise as I am out of training with injuries! Wow! So excited’

Think morning meditation, journaling, gentle exercise each day, time out and lots of soul nourishing and healing foods to lift our mood & groove. 5 Days will be perfect, yet 3 days is completely possible too. Nothing too time consuming or arduous and that fits in with family and work life. Kickstart your health here.

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