Kate Barnes Health Coaching presents

Kickstart the New Year with a New You.  

A FREE online cleanse & class this January 

It's time to energise and revitalise. Simply. Gently.

In just 3 - 5 Days.

(includes the cleanse step x step manual)  

Monday 14th January 2019  12:00pm - 1:00pm AWST

Do you remember how GOOD you CAN feel?   

Do you wake up fresh, happy with energy ALL day?

Is feeling tired, never getting enough sleep, foggy thinking or holding onto a couple of extra kilos your normal? 

Or are you in need of a quick and easy healthy reset?

If 'yes' - then it's time.  Time for 'A Gentle Cleanse'.

In just a few short days you will create a new normal;

  • increasing energy
  • improving clarity of thought
  • feeling lighter and letting go of unwanted kilos
  • enjoying a better, happier, lighter mood
  • sleeping better, soundly and rested
  • learning just what your body needs to be strong
  • starting the new year feeling fitter and healthier
  • kickstarting the best food and lifestyle choices for longevity

Download your FREE manual NOW & join me in class for an intro. to A Gentle Cleanse with Kate.  

‘I’ve just weighed in… and am amazed at my results. I lost 3cm from my stomach, pretty much 2 cm all over and lost 3.1 kilos. This has also been with no exercise as I am out of training with injuries! Wow! So excited’

The cleanse manual is a step x step guide including;  

  • a comprehensive shopping list 
  • daily meal plan including recipes and snacks (we don't go hungry)
  • 18 cleansing lifestyle tips to cleanse with ease
  • including 5 minute tips to create calm in our busy lives and quieten over active nervous systems  (Critical for a healthy and effective cleanse)
  • 4 ways to stimulate the lymphatic system and help remove toxins efficiently
  • a list of my favourite 10 - 15  minute meditations to choose from
  • 7 strategies to cleanse while running a busy home & family
  • quick and easy family meal ideas to stock the home with so you're not worrying about what to feed everyone!  

Share your contact details.  Download your manual and you're ready.   Plus you'll register for my LIVE 1 hour tutorial to guide you on your way and make it the best cleanse you've ever done.   

Valued at $37 - for a very limited time it's FREE!  

On our call learn how to;

✓  reduce or eliminate debilitating detox symptoms easily

✓  cleanse while feeding your family simple, delicious meals they’ll LOVE! 

✓  eliminate inflammatory foods with ease

✓  transition from the cleanse back into everyday life

✓  get the best results without deprivation

✓  supplement (or not)

✓  include foods that cleanse & taste great

✓  create a 'mini health retreat' at home

✓  cleanse while working and juggling everything

✓  manage without coffee (even if you can't)!

✓  not get hungry!  It's totally doable

And... get all your questions answered.

Say 'hello' to A Gentle Cleanse with Kate!  And a happier, healthier You.

"I had just come back from an overindulgent holiday and signed up to do the cleanse with Kate. Over a 5 day period I lost 3 cm from my stomach and 2 cm from my waist, hips & thighs and lost 3.1 kilos"

Do we really need to cleanse?

I used to believe our body was perfectly designed to cleanse naturally.   And it is... 

Yet in today's world we are daily under assault from toxins in our environment, often 'silent' in their nature, gradually accumulating, weighing down our organs, disrupting our cellular energy and our vitality. 

YES cleansing and monitoring our toxic exposure is a super important part of our wellbeing.  It's not until we lighten the toxic load, mentally, physically and emotionally we experience just HOW good we are designed to feel.  

  1. Toxins are everywhere, we can’t escape them.   A BILLION kilograms of chemicals are released into the environment every year, polluting our food and our fresh air.
  2. There are over 80,000 chemicals currently used in the USA that haven’t been regarded as safe. They are used in our personal hygiene and beauty products.
  3. We all have old belief patterns and thoughts that we inherit or form in our early years that unless we reprogram create toxicity, mind, body and soul, diminishing our energy and our ultimate wellbeing.
  4. When we FEEL good, life is better, productivity, relationships, sleep, energy and so much more all improve.
  5. We are able to handle the many stressors in our lives so much better
  6. In a few short days we can FEEL more energetic, vital and happier.

6 reasons to cleanse;

Kelly says ~ ‘A Gentle Cleanse is like a mini health retreat right there in your own home!’    

5 Days will be perfect, yet 3 days is great too .

There are no hard and fast rules.  

Class Begins in

It's why I created A Gentle Cleanse!


A 3 or 5 day journey packed full of inspiration and learning to last a life time.  Yet it has to be easy & doable.

Would love to join but can't make the 14th?   I've got you covered. 

Register & the replay is available for 48 hours to listen in your time.

Illness is preventable.  It starts at home with the food and lifestyle choices we make everyday.  

My Cleansing Adventure So Far...

I grew up on our family farm North of Perth in Western Australia enjoying the great outdoors, fresh air and clean water.  It was an idyllic childhood.  I was rarely sick and have enjoyed great health ever since. 

Fast forward fifteen years and we celebrated the joyful, miraculous  arrival of our first child.  

At 5 years old one of our children presented with developmental issues.  After a year of visiting specialists and given no answers, we discovered the heavy toxic load they were carrying.  I was horrified!  How was that possible?

With my education as a Scientist and Holistic Health Coach, for the first time I started questioning what my family was being exposed to everyday.   Perhaps more importantly I realised HOW much control I had over those everyday exposures and felt an empowering sense of freedom that came with that knowing. 

There began our families cleansing (& vitality) adventure.  

Ten years later, we haven't looked back and all continue to enjoy great health. 

JOIN ME on your own Freedom Adventure!  It's FREE.

For over 3 years I've supported hundreds of women on this journey.  

This is the FIRST time I've offered the Gentle Cleanse manual for FREE.  I don't know if I will offer it like this again.    

It's not hard, it IS gentle, effective and it IS doable (even in our busy lives).

Download your manual and join me Monday 14th of January ONLINE 

(OR make it happen with my LIVE cleanse starting on the 28th of January)!


Can't make the 14th.  I've got you covered.  

Register & the replay will be available for 48 hours after our call to listen later.   

Or after the 14th it will be just $37 for the manual + the recording.

Details at http://www.katebarnes.com.au/a-gentle-cleanse-with-kate/

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