Transform your health with this practical 21-day protocol designed for women struggling with the competing, depleting demands of motherhood, career and the rest – those who dream of more sleep, more energy and a renewed sense of vitality. 

An all-new program developed by leading Australian health coach Kate Barnes.

Begins Monday 17th February

Finishes Friday 6th March

Feel EVEN BETTER than you did pre-kids…

“Give me 21 days and I’ll have you glowing from the inside out. Promise! 

I’ve developed 'Get-up & Glow With Kate', specifically for mums who want to shake that persistent ‘physically drained’ feeling.   I’ve been there myself.  A visit to the gym was enough to derail my poor immunity.   Armed with my science background and a bit of trial and error, I learnt how to reset my system, re-energise and look and feel better than I ever did.   

With my personal experience and hearing the many stories from clients and mums struggling with ‘Postnatal Depletion’ - a common condition identified by Australian GP Dr Oscar Serrallach, I created 'Get-up & GLOW with Kate'.

It's all about replenishing through vibrant nutrition and simple lifestyle tweaks.” 

Live the benefits. 

Here’s what 'Get-up & Glow' will do for you in just 21 days. 

✓  Vibrant skin 

✓  Increased energy levels 

✓  Better-quality sleep 

✓  No more excess weight 

✓  Clarity

✓  Improved state of mind and

✓  Much more...

Your Investment

For the complete 21-day Get-up & Glow With Kate program, including up to 4 hours of LIVE calls + 15 days of Facebook support + resources to keep forever: 

ONLINE.  Pay only $149.

OR EARLY BIRD.  SAVE 15% - valid until Sunday 9/02/20

How are you feeling… REALLY?

Get-up & Glow is ideal for Mums of young children experiencing any of the following symptoms: 

--- Low immunity

--- Cravings

--- Dull, dry complexion 

--- Stubborn excess weight 

 --- Long-term exhaustion

 --- Overwhelm, confusion

Life’s too short to feel this way…  Yet how you feel is your choice. 


Highlights from Kate's Vitality Reset Protocol: 

  • Learn the top 10 most energising foods in nature to replenish your system.
  • Enjoy recipes with all the nutrients you need to Get-up & Glow.
  • Delicious weekly meal plans  - for the whole family!
  • Understand WHY you’re making changes so you’re more likely to stick with them.
  • Simple yet powerful strategies to energise every cell in your body and reset your system.
  • Research-backed lifestyle tweaks for better rest and more efficient energy production.   

Bonus!  Get Kate's e-book, '7 simple steps to get-up & GLOW' - a Mothers guide for inner & outer radiance.  Includes some of her deliciously simple and favourite recipes. 

How we GLOW!

  1. A private facebook group where Kate shares knowledge, recipes, resources and answers all your questions.  
  2. Weekly meal plans sharing links, recipes, handouts and resources for the week ahead. 
  3. A LIVE group call / webinar each week to answer your questions, share new information and to keep us all motivated. 
  4. Access to Kate in the Facebook group for the entire 21 days (except weekends). 
  5. Identification of individual areas or issues where extra support is needed e.g. weight loss, self care, lowering stress, inflammation and/or detoxification.
  6. Identification of your ‘why’ and keystone habits that you uniquely need to act on for results and ongoing success.
  7. Delicious clean foods with satiating healthy fats, fibre and natural sugars.  All the recommended foods and recipes are gluten and dairy free, simple to prepare and delicious!
  8. Individual supplements may be considered as necessary. 
  9. Learn what you need for new choices to quickly become habits, your goals a reality and a clear path toward your ongoing wellbeing.

What's being said.

‘Have just finished Kate's wonderful program ...  I am stunned by the results! I feel great, have let go of some weight that's been plaguing me and and found that as a wife and mother, I don't have to feel guilty about having time to myself to look after me! ...  I've felt able to make lifestyle changes because they make me feel good, not because "I really should!" - Anne

Get ready to:

  • Feel energised. No more afternoon slump or falling asleep on the couch.
  • Let go of unwanted weight.
  • Sleep like a baby.
  • Enjoy greatly improved digestion.  No more bloating, IBS, cramping or discomfort.
  • Lift ‘the fog’ with renewed clarity of thought.
  • Feel relaxed and happier. No more short fuses or irritability.
  • Listen to people say, 'wow you look great'!, 'you look so well', 'you're glowing'!
  • Be amazed by your brighter, smoother skin and so much more!

Thanks to Kate's  program I am now mostly (abdominal) pain free and relieved of my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms. It is such a joy to wake up everyday without pain and bloating, something that I realise had just become "normal" to me. I feel energised, positive and so much healthier! (And I lost that niggly half a stone!)’

Your Investment

For the complete 21-day Get-up & Glow With Kate program, including up to 4 hours of LIVE calls + 15 days of Facebook support + resources to keep forever: 

ONLINE.  Pay only $149.

OR EARLY BIRD.  SAVE 15% - valid until Sunday 9/02/20

The Get-up & GLOW outline:

Pre Get-up & Glow.  Setting the foundation.

  • Preparation and planning.   
  • Pantry essentials.
  • Setting the scene. 

Week 1:   Outer Glow.    You are what you absorb.

  • Key foods that trigger inflammation and those that boost vitality and an outer glow.  
  • How to reach your ideal weight. 
  • Simple techniques to stress less and ease the mother load. 
  • Making movement matter.
  • Night owl or early bird.
  • Morning magic.

Week 2:   Inner Glow.  What you think you create.

  • Mind health and beliefs.
  • Happy hormones. 
  • Self kindness. 
  • Natures medicine. 
  • Detoxification

Week 3:   Everlasting Glow.  All you need to know. 

  • Consolidating new choices that are a lifestyle.
  • Making it fun.  Joy as your GPS.
  • Last questions.  

‘Loved it and even tho you have all the information, sometimes you just need to regain control and stop to think things through again’.

‘...A bargain to have such good advice and support'.

‘I feel so much healthier and energised … This has been the most positive weight loss experience of my life. Not a diet as such but felt the results of changing habits and thinking about my body as a whole’.

I want to restrict the number of participants so I can give everyone the attention needed for success to happen in our time together AND everyone is heard and it’s fun.    Let's do this.

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