'How to Strengthen Immunity & Diffuse Fear in Turbulent Times'


Casual conversations, insights, gentle yoga practice & a mini meditation for tuning into LOVE & together, creating a calming ripple affect across our families and those around us.


Dr Talia Steed M.B.B.S; Grad.Cert. (Counselling) M.A.C.N.E.M, Tamara Yoga Instructor.


Kate Barnes, Mother, BSc. Grad Dip. Bus. HHC.

Hosts:  Dr Talia Steed (Left) & Kate Barnes (Right)

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'Why Kids (& Families ) Get Sick', valued $19.99.

With the current state of the world, it's challenging to not get caught in the 'pandemic panic'. 

Yet for strong immunity and overall wellbeing THE most important thing we can do is diffuse fear, remain relaxed,  stay grounded & nourish our gut well.  THEN we can really give support to those who are close to us and need us on our A Game - our families & communities.    

With 70 - 80% of our immune tissue in our digestive system.  There are key life skills, foods & practices that create immunity, help us tolerate stress / fear better & allow us to navigate these turbulent times healthily and as happily as possible.

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✓  The intimate link between the digestive system, nervous system and the immune system.

✓  Why fear / stress is devastating for your immunity.

✓  Key foods & nutrients to be adding in now & that quickly  improve tolerance to stress / fear.

✓ Loads of recipes the whole family will love - I promise!

✓ 8 clues that you and your families immune system and/or digestive system is functioning well.

✓ Favourite remedies that take minutes to prepare.

✓ Supplements, herbs, essential oils & other natural solutions for viral infections.  

✓  The best & quickest ways to build a healthy microbiome & optimise gut health. 

✓  Learn how to diffuse fear with the power of simple yoga & meditation practices led by Talia.

✓  5 minute hacks that reset your nervous system instantly.

'Why Kids (& Families) Get Sick' ebook.

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How long and how often you get sick depends on ONE thing

A strong immunity. And THAT we can change.

Hi There, 

Thanks for being here, I know how crazy life is right now.

I want to assure you that as a Holistic Health Coach, Family Wellness Practitioner and most importantly a Mother, it is my mission to share all that I've researched and learnt over 20+ years to help other women, like me, to make sure their families are healthy and happy year round, but especially at this very difficult, confusing and challenging time.

The information my guests and I share not only elevates wellbeing but at the same time, gives confidence and helps relieve some of the heavy burden, stress & worry we ultimately carry - which is not healthy.  

I look forward to connecting with you. You can discover more life changing goodness at http://www.katebarnes.com.au

With love and health,

‘Being healthy is our most natural state.

It begins in our hearts and in our homes.'

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