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Redefining Stress. A New View For More Time and Ease In Our Busy Lives.

Take some nourishing time out for you and join me at our casual and relaxed workshops.  At the same time you’ll learn all about simple food and lifestyle choices that powerfully transform our mind, body and soul.

Redefining Stress.

Stress affects almost every system in our body, respiratory, immunity, digestive, endocrine, circulatory etc. It’s the most important thing for us to manage amongst the busyness of our everyday lives, however it’s something we brush aside, ignoring the quiet symptoms of dis-ease OR we often don’t even realise we’re struggling with it.

In this engaging workshop (hosted online the following week) Executive Coach & Yoga Teacher, Jill Dare joins Kate to share her research and personal insights with simple techniques, that diffuse stress almost instantly. You’ll also learn how to get to self sabotaging core beliefs for life long change.
You will leave this event feeling inspired and in control of stress, happier in your thoughts and with practical tips and tools to alleviate stress and put into practice immediately. All packaged up in a comprehensive handbook to refer to whenever you need.  We hope you can join them.

Their online webinar is on Tuesday 30th May at 11:00am WST link here.

Morning Tea Details

Date: Thursday 25th of May

9:30am to 11:30am

Venue:  Subi Space

101 York Street, Subiaco

Price: $29

You’ll also learn;

  • What is stress exactly, when is it good, when is it bad? Physically, mentally & emotionally
  • What actually causes stress and why it’s SO hard to know when our bodies are under stress
  • The typical signs of stress
  • What areas in your life are causing the most stress and identifying which ones are the most important to change
  • How to manage negative thoughts and emotions with practical and simple mindfulness exercises
  • How to identify unconscious core beliefs and
  • Understanding your choices
  • Your questions answered and much more

We can’t wait.

Your ticket also includes;

  • delicious stress relieving morning tea (Thursday morning tea only)
  • handbook of tips, remedies and recipes
  • recording of the online webinar event
  • private access to Kates ‘enriched living’ private facebook group to continue the conversation and answer questions.

If you’d like to join us register below or contact me at to have your questions answered.  See you there!

Note:  For Kate’s current personal coaching clients this event is included in your program, there is no additional cost.

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