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FUNdamentals for Thriving Kids! A LIVE Workshop & Morning Tea

Nourishing bellies and brains for best behaviour.

Take some nourishing time out for you and join me at our casual and relaxed morning tea and workshop.

The mis-information about what our kids need for health and vitality is conflicting and overwhelming. It makes it hard to know where to begin! I know. I’ve been there.

On top of this there is so much other information and ‘to do’s’ filling our minds it’s just easier not to think about it or deal with it. Understandably.

Yet… childhood is a critical time for developing a strong bedrock of health in our kids. A foundation that gifts them the resilience to transition into adolescence and adulthood, naturally, healthily and happily.

Naturally avoiding the statistics for autoimmunity, allergies, anxiety, digestive, mental health issues that are all rapidly on the rise in our children.

They don’t need to be.

Join Kate at this in person workshop & nourishing morning tea as she simplifies the complex topic of nourishing our children with her 3 pillar approach for nourishing your heart and raising happy, healthy families.

To help you on your way, registration includes instant access to Kates’ ebook, ‘Nutrition & Tantrums.  Simples tips and recipes for bellies, brains & best behaviour’!  Let’s begin.

This event is also being held online as a webinar on Wednesday the 18th of October at 11:00am WA time or 2:00pm EST or 1:30pm in SA.
Join us with a cuppa from the comfort of home wherever you live.  Details here. 


Workshop Details

Date: Wednesday 11th of October

10:00am – 11:30am

Venue: Little Way Cafe, 161 Broadway, Nedlands.

Price: $15
(Note:  If you’re a current client of KBHC or already registered for, Our Happy Children beginning 30/10/17 this event is included and free of charge)


At our workshop you’ll discover;

  • The 3 core pillars of wellbeing for children to thrive!
  • Common foods being eaten everyday that inflame, irritate and create unsociable behaviour.
  • The 2 most important foods for nourishing, satiating and healing.
  • Foods that are our life force, rich in nutrients and minerals, and Kate’s favourite recipes for delivering them easily and deliciously, for the fussiest of eaters.
  • Simple strategies to experiment with for enjoying a healthy lifestyle, easily while creating time for you and doesn’t add more to your ‘To Do’ list.
  • 7 of Kate’s favourite recipes for fuelling happy kids.


Your registration includes;

  • A delicious morning tea.
  • Kate’s live presentation, resources, recipes and handouts.
  • A chance to have your questions answered.
  • The recording of her LIVE call / webinar being held the following week on the 18th of October, details
  • Company of a circle of like minded parents and carers.

You’re going to leave our time together feeling inspired and motivated.  Confident to start trying new ideas and foods that safeguard and fuel you and your families vitality and a healthy state of mind.

Come and join us.  We can’t wait.

Register below or contact me at to have your questions answered.   See you there!

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