A Mothers Guide
to Get-up & GLOW

A short ebook with 7 Simple steps to regain your energy & inner glow plus the 5 biggest mistakes you’re making every day

Mothers have been the traditional guardians of health, home and healing. Yet somewhere along the way, our power and wisdom has been eroded.

Do you instinctively know there’s a better way to nourish you or your family, but feel confused or overwhelmed by conflicting information?

I’m Kate Barnes and I’d like to invite you into your virtual home (and one-stop resource) for nurturing you and your family’s wellbeing with simplicity and ease.

As a health coach, mentor, scientist and mother, my approach to health combines the wisdom of our ancestors, with the latest findings in scientific research, shaped by our modern needs.

It's time for a new lineage of wellness wisdom

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The Zinc Link. Covid-19.

Zinc is essential for strong immune function and essential to our diet i.e. it must be consumed in the diet for sufficient requirements. Zinc helps with 100’s of enzymatic reactions, necessary for chemical reactions, facilitating protein folding and in regulating gene expression!  It’s critical for healthy development & maintenance.  And unfortunately … most people are chronically deficient, making them susceptible to viral infections & disease.   […]

Fear. The 3 things helping me.

Last weekend I spent time scrolling social media & watching the news coming through on the virus … I got so caught up and consumed by the ‘pandemic panic’.  I was full of fear and felt horrible!…  (maybe you can relate)?   I finally shut it all down and after a good sleep and my run on Sunday morning, outside with […]

Get-up & GLOW
A short ebook with 7 Simple steps to regain your energy & inner glow plus the 5 biggest mistakes you're making every day
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