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While there are many good books out there (and you can check out my favourites on my recommended resources page), a book cannot hold you accountable for deep and lasting transformation. Working with me as your coach, you don’t just get life-changing information – you are fully supported to integrate this knowledge into your daily life. With me by your side, you WILL take the actions needed to transform your health completely.

It’s simple really: quick fixes are only temporary solutions, whereas new habits and mindsets take time to establish. We need to learn what our bodies need and a quick fix, bypasses this important learning. It’s a joy to see my clients achieve so much more than what they first expected or anticipated. While weight loss is an outcome, you will also gain more energy and feel more confident in your choices.

I’ve found that my clients succeed because they were not overwhelmed with having to ‘do it all’ within an unreasonably short timeframe. Let’s be honest – we are SO busy that the last thing needed is extra pressure. I much prefer to guide my clients in a way that is gentle, nurturing and achievable. You will see results within the first month and that is why we tackle the things that will work immediately first off. But for significant lifestyle change three to six months is required.

Obviously there is a necessity for doctors at times, but remember that a doctor’s time is limited. A doctor must find a solution quickly and a naturopath, similarly, needs to focus on supplementation. A health coach, on the other hand, will look at you on a holistic level – develop a relationship with you and take the time to understand ALL aspects of your life. With so many factors impacting your health – your introduction to life, stress levels, sleep, lifestyle, toxins, movement, connection, microbiome, nutrition — a health coach can get a thorough picture of your life before offering guidance. My intention, and promise, as your health coach, is to create lifestyle choices that surpass the need for medication and excess supplementation. Lifestyle medicine is about prevention – using real food and lifestyle choices to support the body’s natural healing mechanisms. And this is what I offer through my program.

While the knowledge you gain is focused on you, what you learn will help everyone in your household. Yes it’s a program for your unique requirements, but I encourage my clients to get everyone on board and to embrace changes as a team and a family unit. The whole aim is to help you be the healthy mother you want to be so that your family reaps the benefits. The results will ripple through your entire household. I help you bring wellness back into your home and create a place where the foundations for great health are created.

There will be some initial learning time needed to experiment with new recipes or to stock new items and listen to resources shared, but let’s face it, you’re probably already spending that time scrolling for information anyway. At the start you’ll invest an hour or two per week implementing new changes or listening to resources.

Within weeks, your new choices are going to become, ‘a way of life.’ Remember, this is a lifestyle approach – not a diet.

I’m 100% committed to my clients getting profound results, so am more than happy to offer a money back guarantee. You simply have to have completed the first four weeks of the program and must have completed all recommendations to receive reimbursement.

It’s hard when we’re working as well as raising our children and with barely enough time for ourselves. I get it! I’m also juggling kids, business and life. That’s why I’m committed to incorporating new choices that make the biggest difference, first. Choices that actually give us more energy, clearer thought and free up our time, one step at a time. It’s the key. If you feel you don’t have time or energy to work with me, then you’re exactly the person who will benefit most from my Nourished Family program.

I hear this a lot and once people start working with me, they cannot believe the value they receive and the unexpected knowledge and results they gain, like improved relationships, the entire families health improves, immunity for the whole family improves, costly doctors visits decrease, medications decrease and so much more. My coaching partnerships are not one-off events. Partnering with me, Kate Barnes, is a lifestyle choice in itself. You automatically join my incredibly supportive community. I believe it’s the best investment you can make for your family’s long-term health, but for those that can’t afford to work with me at this time, I generously share as much as I can through my blog and newsletter.

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