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1 Session
Discovery and clarity.


$199 AUD

Do you wish you could get to the source i.e. the genesis of what’s really going on with your or your families health? Do you wish you no longer worried constantly about being struck down with illness or another winter of colds and flu? Do you wish you could relax with the instinctive KNOWING that your lifestyle is fuelling health and vitality and illness is nothing to fear?


Then join me for a private session, where we take the
time to discover the source of WHAT is going on
for you? WHY it’s happening? And HOW to revitalise your
wellbeing, simply and naturally.

Whatever your burning priorities are that’s where our focus
will be. In doing this we discover the actions that you need
to take to kickstart your health or bring it
back on track.


This is what's included ...

Before our session you will receive a brief health
history with questions on your wellbeing goals and history.
This helps ensure we make the most of our valuable time together.
We will meet face to face or via Skype/Zoom for our session.
You’ll receive the recording of our session.  Then one week following,
we meet again with a short 15 – 20 minute session to track progress, answer
questions and keep you well on your way.   

For example in
our 1 hour
session we can

  • Clarify your health goals and identify key recommendations for easy implementation.
  • Learn simple techniques to diffuse stress.
  • Introduce simple strategies to refill your depleted energy stores.
  • Learn more about how to heal your gut health.
  • Simplify health and what it is YOU need.
  • Start lifting ‘the lid’ on limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Discover the fuel and tools fundamental to get you back on the road to your vital self and start healing your gut. Even if you’re already healthy & making great choices, there is something here for you.
  • Shine the light on foods and other choices affecting your health and discover simple strategies to reduce or eliminate them, without feeling deprived or that you’re trying a(nother) diet.
  • Introduce fail proof recipes and tips to amp up the nutrients in your food and get your cells singing and energy soaring.
  • Start eliminating the vast number of toxins that are quietly taxing your bodys’ organs and you’re exposed to daily.
  • And much more.

This is much more than an ordinary coaching session.

This session
is for you if:

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused about health.

  • You want clarity once and for all, especially if you are juggling work, home and young children.
  • You’ve tried every diet there is, paleo, fast, 5 & 2 and you still can’t shift that weight or get the results you need.
  • You want a ‘one stop spot’ you can rely on and trust for the answers you so desperately want.
  • You want to have it all … and you can. You just can’t do it all.
  • You’re tired of second guessing yourself.
  • You want & need to know WHY & HOW to get your life back on track and to reclaim YOU.
  • You want to regain the abundant ENERGY you know is a possibility.
  • You need to revitalise your immune system.
  • A good nights sleep is a distant memory and you’re tired of being tired!
  • You at times feel stressed or worried about family & all that needs to be done.
  • You’re over Dr’s visits or just wish your kids didn’t get sick so often.
  • You’re already on a rewarding journey of great health and you know there’s more you can be doing.
  • You want to get to the source of what’s really going on with your wellbeing.
  • You have a longing to have more time for you.

An example of what you are going to leave our session with:

  • Knowing WHY you are making any new choices so they’re more likely to become a ‘new normal’.
  • A couple of simple yet incredibly powerful strategies to kickstart your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, feel more energetic, improve your mood, your immunity or manage your autoimmune symptoms, right there in your own home.
  • A feeling of being empowered and confident in how to take back the control of your wellbeing – once and for all.
  • An introduction to knowing what you need to fuel you or your family. No more confusion, overwhelm or second-guessing.
  • The kickstart to your wellbeing that you’ve been searching for.
  • A FULL recording of our session together.
  • A 15 – 20 minute follow up session with Kate via phone or Skype / Zoom to answer any questions and make sure your motivation is kept high.

To make an end is to make a beginning

Welcome home and to your new beginning
This is the simple, yet effective
kick-start you've been wanting.
let's get started

If at the end of our session you decide you’d like to continue working with me then the $199 cost of this session automatically becomes part of the program you choose to begin with. Easy.

Elena Pinna, Mother of 2

“I couldn’t stress enough how important the knowledge is that Kate has shared with me. I think in my own case, I tended to focus too much on the pregnancy and infant stage of child rearing, but lacked the knowledge for the healthy growth and development of children and adults alike (the most important part). Going through this process, my only regret is that I didn’t see Kate sooner. If I’d started off on the right path first and foremost, some ingrained bad habits wouldn’t have been so hard to turn around (for both myself and my daughter).  It’s worth the journey, and it’s worth taking your family’s life by the reins and standing up for your worth."

- Elena Pinna, Mother of 2
Sara Curtin

“Since connecting with Kate I have really enjoyed the journey discovering the right foods to sustain myself and my family. Kate you have changed how I think about food and my relationship with food and consequently this has changed my body not only on the outside (achieved my goal weight) but on the inside where it counts. This knowledge is life changing, its amazing!”

- Sara Curtin
Your investment

For the FULL 1 hour session plus
the recording AND follow

up session – only $199 AUD


Or if you'd like to talk first, I'm here for you.

Call me on 0411 139 924 or email at for a FREE 15 minute discussion to answer your questions


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