Why Kids Get Sick & Keeping Them Thriving

Our children are growing up with a new normal of health.  But what’s considered healthy today, was not normal 50 or even 10 years ago. It’s not okay.

“60% of the world suffers from a chronic illness & 30% of children in the USA”, (MINDD conference 2019).

Yet as parents and carers there is so much we can do.

It’s simple, it’s natural and it’s worth it. When we know HOW.

With over 30 pages of practical information, this e-book will help you take back control of your families wellbeing;

  1. Explore the vital link between our digestive system, the nervous system and our immune system.
  2. Know the signs that tell you your or your child’s immune system and/or digestive system is functioning well.
  3. Know how strong their immunity really is?
  4. Give access to my favourite recipes and remedies that create strong immunity, while at the same time help ease the stress and worry you naturally have for your family and so much more.

Why Kids Get Sick - The complete Digital Package.

With Kate personally guiding you, the digital workshop is a step x step discussion where I take you through the ebook, ‘Why Kids Get Sick’.  The LIVE recording is a perfect companion and all you need to instantly kickstart your families immunity and avoid illness today.

Get ready to sky rocket your families wellbeing within your family home TODAY!

Brainstorming the Best Breakfast

This popular ebook has 37 pages of quick and easy, breakfast inspiration, ready to go!

Power your day with over 23 delicious recipes, that are designed to make your mornings work magically and keep your family energised all morning long.

The recipes are some of our family favourites and include; A berry blast smoothie, the best ever paleo pancakes, gluten free crepes, gluten free french toast, chocolate peanut butter smoothie bowl, buckwheat parfait and much, much more, (all gluten, dairy and refined sugar free).

Breakfast will never be the same again, even for the fussiest of eaters!

Lunch Box Rescue

A little ebook with 47 pages of healthy, tasty lunch box inspiration.



(All recipes are gluten & can be dairy free, full of nutrients that even the fussiest of eaters will love.  Plus they’re quick and easy because … time is of the essence).

“Love your lunchbox rescue recipes Kate. Working our way through them all” ~ Amanda

A Collection of 5 Minute Foodie Gifts & Treats

In today’s time-pressured world, one of the most loving and appreciated gifts we can give each other is our time. When we use our time to create our favourite homemade foodie gifts and share them with others, they automatically become the greatest gifts we can give.

All recipes are low in sugar and kind on digestion, keeping blood sugars stable, moods steady and tummies full. So your friends and family will enjoy them even more.

Included in your ebook is a ‘baking conversions’ guide, showing you how to swap sugar for other sweeteners and apply the conversions to your own favourite recipes. Recipes include; pistachio and prune truffles, sweet almond biscuits, cinnamon donut balls, pickled cucumbers, raw caramel and chocolate slice, rosemary & thyme herb crackers, home made jubes and more.

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