Case Studies
Inspirational Studies

We all have our stories that we prefer to keep to ourselves
More often than not though
These stories have the capacity to motivate, educate and
change us at a very deep level.

Provided below are a few of my clients I’ve had the privilege of working with who have
each inspired and humbled me in their own way and in their dedication and quest to find
answers. In the form of short video interviews, these are their stories. I hope they inspire
and motivate you as they have me.

The Mansell Family

Amanda is a Mother of 3 children, Ben 8, Jack 6 & Chloe 3.
After many years of putting up with her eldest sons be-
havioural issues, starting to question her and her hus-
parenting skills and after trying (almost) every-
thing, ‘in desperation’ she considered food/ nutrition. In
our short video interview Amanda shares what simple
steps she took and what she did to transform her sons be-
haviour and then the ripple effect it had on her WHOLE
family. Her results for her children, especially her eldest
son are amazing. I am sure you will also be inspired and
enjoy hearing from her as much as I have
working with her.

Thank you Amanda for sharing your story
Meet Amanda Here

The Roberts Family

Kath Roberts is an amazing Mother of 2 children. Despite
having got the all clear from Doctors, Kath instinctively
knew the health of her eldest child
Bella, wasn’t ‘quite right’. She suffered from very
low immunity, particularly in her respiratory system
and generally took a longer time to bounce
back from ‘bugs’.

When we filmed this interview Kaths’ children Bella and
Sam were 4 and 2. Kath shares what she did to improve
her families health, especially her eldest child, Bella.

A wonderful outcome of our work together was the relief of the constant stress and worry that Kath had felt about their eldest daughter. She also shares her greatest Gift to her children.
Meet KATH Here

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