The Nourished Family
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The Nourished Family


When you’re a mother, there’s nothing you
wouldn’t do for your child…
It’s in your DNA. It’s in your soul.
But could you do the one thing that matters most?


Maybe this scenario looks more familiar?

  • You’re in and out of doctor’s waiting rooms, but getting nowhere
  • You seek out every specialist when it comes to your kids, but know you’re not getting the full story
  • You’re tired of the conventional medicine treadmill, but confused about alternative options.

Meanwhile, you:

• Wake up exhausted and go to bed frazzled
• Feel anxious about whether you’re doing a good enough job at life
• Struggle to eat well or exercise consistently… and then feel guilty
• Feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn and know
• Snap at the ones your love most
• Can’t lose weight around the middle

TRUTH: A mother’s health sets the foundation for the entire family.

As a mother, you are responsible for the lives of others. So it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and overstretched by expectations. But when your own health is depleted, it can feel impossible to mother the way you want to.

And to make things worse, society has disconnected us entirely from our inner wisdom. We carry around this absurd (and inherited) belief that we can care for our children without taking time to care for ourselves.

Imagine how life would feel if you knew exactly what you needed (and what your family needed) to be healthy, strong and happy?

  • You could continue rushing around, putting yourself last and second-guessing your decisions…
  • You could continue to wing it, relying on information from profit driven multi-national corporations, heresay or Dr Google.
  • You could continue ignoring your gut feelings and hand your power over to the “experts”.

I have found that the best solution is a holistic one.
Which is why I offer a simple, sustainable path to long-term health.

Imagine a way of life that offers

  • Perfect digestion: say goodbye to IBS, bloating and lower belly pain.
  • A strong, robust immune system: no more getting hit with all the bugs ‘going around’ and costly doctors appointments
  • Improved metabolism
  • Reduced cravings: only crave the good food your body loves
  • Deep, restorative sleep
  • A feel-good ideal weight that you can maintain easily
  • Relief from PMS symptoms and hormonal disturbances
  • An enjoyment of real food without a sense of deprivation
  • Glowing skin, hair and nails (naturally)
  • Clarity of thought and decisiveness
  • Confidence in how you live (no more second guessing)
  • Productive days fuelled by natural energy, rather than empty stimulants.

I'm Kate Barnes. As a mother, scientist and health coach,
I’ve learnt that nobody cares more for a child’s health than the mother.
And in my quest to find answers, I’ve realised that mothers just don’t get
the support they need to thrive and therefore, for their families to thrive.

Growing up on a farm, I had a healthier upbringing than most. And having a science degree I was armed with all the knowledge I thought I needed for healthy living. But it wasn’t until I noticed that my daughter’s foot had stopped growing normally that I embarked on the biggest health journey of all.

During this quest to find answers and solutions I sought out podiatrists, physiotherapists, specialist paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors and neurologists: experts that had skills in ONE particular area.

Throughout this long journey that ultimately guided us to a happy ending (for our daughter and whole family), I realised three things:

  1. I had to take full responsibility for my family’s health (which meant finally listening to my inner wisdom)
  2. The body is a complex network of systems and energy intimately connected. Health must be considered as a whole, not a part.
  3. My own health could not be put on the backburner any longer.THAT LAST ONE WAS A BIGGIE

You see, while I was caught up worrying about my daughter’s development and going from specialist to specialist seeking answers, my own immune system crashed.

It was getting harder to get out of bed in the morning and I was picking up every bug going around. I was constantly tired and snapping at the kids.

While I threw myself into resolving my daughter’s health problem, proving that a mother will do anything for her child, I didn’t give a second thought to my own wellbeing.
It was completely secondary.

In the process, I discovered this harsh truth: women had been robbed of the knowledge and wisdom needed to grow and nurture healthy families.

All of my research, as well as personal and professional experience, led to the deep realisation that the health of the planet depends entirely on the health and replenishment of mothers everywhere.

Which is why I devote my life to helping mothers, parents and care-givers transform their health and establish nourishing traditions and lifestyles to raise a healthy, happy family.

To make an end is to make a beggining

The Nourished Foundation
Foundation for radiant health and simple living

In a world of quick fixes and dis-information, this is a delightfully simpler, slower journey to total wellness and wisdom. It’s a three to six-month coaching partnership designed to stop the insanity, rushing and sleeplessness to set you up for LIFE.

Ultimately, you will make powerful, lasting changes to your own life so that you know exactly how to replenish, nourish and nurture your family’s well being. Or perhaps you need to focus on your family first and give you some much needed peace of mind.

You can choose what aspects of health you want to focus on, in the timeframe that best suits you.

Here's a rundown of what we can cover:
Month 1
stop ignoring your gut

The foundation of a healthy life is a healthy gut. Without a deep awareness and respect for our digestive system and its intimate connection with our brain and our thoughts, our entire life suffers. Once you discover the foods that heal and those that only irritate and cause disease, buying and preparing food becomes less confusing and life so much more rewarding on many levels.


  • Learn exactly what your digestive system needs to function effectively.
  • Radically reduce gas, bloating, IBS and reflux.
  • Rebuild your microbiome and start bringing your ‘bugs’ back into balance. (This alone will change your life).
  • Strengthen your immune system (stop getting hit by everything that’s ‘going around’ and the unnecessary Doctors visits)
  • Receive a personalised wellness plan to establish long-term success.
  • Identify any must-have supplementation to get you feeling better quickly and making better choices easily.

PLUS: We’ll decide a movement style and plan that works for you and your busy lifestyle

Month 2
Declutter Your Mind & Home (Fridge and Pantry)

Learn to feel full from within, rather than the fridge and pantry alone.

When we rely on willpower, we get caught in a game we can’t win. I will help you set up your life without taxing your mind. Together we’ll cut out the thoughts and food that are doing you damage and draining your mind, body and soul. This month is all about putting strong boundaries in place that protect you and your time, upping self-care and simplifying your life.


  • Learn how to make mindless snacking a thing of the past (while feeling more nourished than ever)
  • Say goodbye to cravings without feeling deprived.
  • Discover lifestyle choices that are ‘weighing’ you down and those that lift your energy and make your heart happy.
  • Revel in a Pantry Makeover, which means delicious, good-for-you food is always available and well stocked.
  • Develop a new level of respect for what is ultimately the cornerstone of great health – self care.
  • Spring clean your home to free your mind.

PLUS: We’ll be diving into limiting beliefs and thoughts that are sabotaging your life. Receive practical ways to clear these blocks.

Month 3
Activate Feminine Wisdom

Women are wired to grow and nurture life – it’s in our DNA. Once you learn how to tap into your feminine wisdom (and what this really means), you will thrive – and so will your family.


  • Learn the 4 essential techniques to boost health and intuition for daily ease and flow.
  • Discover the power of sleep. Establish a sleep routine that works for you and your family. Make friends with clarity and productivity for life.
  • Discover how to live the natural, feminine way through cultivating feminine energy of allowing, receiving and flow.
  • Heart wisdom: Learn how to maintain the vitality of your heart for overall wellbeing and daily joy.
  • Hidden factors: We investigate the not-so-usual suspects that are negatively impacting your health.

The following 3 months gives you an idea of what you will learn and achieve in a full 6 month program .
Keeping in mind the program content is tailored to meet your unique and individual needs.

Month 4
Stop Rushing and Still Get It All Done

Are you constantly busy, yet struggling to get everything done? Women are biologically wired to deal with stress far differently to men. Which is why it’s crucial to learn how to know and respond to stress differently. With nature’s pace as a guide, you can create a balanced schedule that respects your responsibilities and gives you back a sense of control.


  • Identify the speed you’re operating at and learn to slow down (while still remaining productive).
  • Discover the miracle of being in the present moment and learn how to apply it daily to regain more energy and productivity.
  • Reconnect with nature’s wisdom and all that she has to teach us.
  • Have happier hormones: By this stage of the program you will be have relieved PMS symptoms, experiencing less mood swings (if any), and have more energy.

PLUS: This is a month to consolidate your changes and transformations to date and review your Personal Wellness Plan for on-going success.

Month 5
Liver Love

During this month you’ll discover more advanced approaches to long-term weight management.

By now you’ll be feeling more energised and confident with the knowledge you’ve gained. Your mood should be more balanced and the mental fog a thing of the past. This is usually the month that people notice your glowing skin and bright eyes. And if weight was an issue – you’ll be feeling lighter.


  • Identify the ‘freeloaders’ that are silently creating havoc with hormones, digestion and mental health.
  • Learn to love your liver: learn to actively test, eliminate and detoxify your body and home.
  • Understand the link between liver and weight gain to remain at your happiest weight.

BONUS: Natures Medicine Cabinet: Herbs, Spices and Essential Oil Education. Learn the role of plant medicine in influencing wellness across all areas of life.

Month 6
Evolution Completion

In our final month together, you will have reached a point of clarity and understanding for what you need for life.

Imagine knowing your body so well that you no longer feel confused or conflicted. By the end of your 6 month evolution, you can walk confidently into the rest of your life with the inner and outer resources needed to nourish yourself and your family for life.


  • Review your wellness plan to consolidate your wellness achievements.
  • Identify specific next actions steps to maintain your new clarity and confidence in yourself.
  • Be fully empowered to take care of yourself and your family, without burning out.

BONUS: Kate is available to you for 2 weeks following the conclusion of the program. That’s two extra 30-minute sessions to keep you motivated and to answer questions that come up.

Real Women. Real Results.

Cath Henwood, Philanthropy Manager, West Australian Ballet (and busy mother of 3 children!)

“We have been working with Kate only for a short time, but we have already noticed the difference! Kate has given me a huge amount of confidence in the ingredients, food and recipes I am using to feed my family every day.”

- Cath Henwood, Philanthropy Manager, West Australian Ballet (and busy mother of 3 children!)
Melitta Hardenberg, Founder – Breaking Bad Habits, Mother of 2

I’ve been working with Kate on and off for over 2 years now. She is my go to source for all things health and happiness. As a total achievement junkie Kate has been the grounding source for me through two pregnancies, post natal and the stress of starting my own business. I’m still implementing Kates strategies more than 2 years on and consider her an essential in my toolkit for healthy happy living. Thanks Kate (and my family also thank you!).

- Melitta Hardenberg, Founder – Breaking Bad Habits, Mother of 2
Cristina Londoño, Founder – Wallnutstudio, Mother of 1

“When my 6 month old was getting ready to start solids, my Family Doctor recommended Kate as the one person who could guide us into a nourishing nutrition and great foundations. After our first consult, I was hooked. Kate’s concepts were completely different to everything I was being told by the mainstream about an infants nutrition yet it made so much sense to my mother’s intuition. Her lovely and encouraging nature accompanied me every step of the way!

Since then, my son has had a steady, healthy and thriving journey and our relationship to food as family has flourished into a really conscious one. Kate’s teachings have empowered me on how to feed my family and how to understand nutrition and healing in a holistic way. This is an incredible gift for any new mum. I adore Kate and she has become the first point of contact for anything health related in our family. I wish every new mum could have a Kate in the beginning of their journey….”

- Cristina Londoño, Founder – Wallnutstudio, Mother of 1


How it works

Our coaching partnership is entirely individualised to YOU. Each month we will take a different focus on health, slowly and sustainably building you up to claim an entirely empowered way of living. To give your program the full attention I want to give it, I will only work with a small number of clients 1:1 at any time.


  • 2 X 60 minute in person, phone or Skype meetings
  • 2 x 15 – 20 minute phone or Skype motivational meetings
  • Unlimited email contact (I’m your personal health mentor and here for you every step of the way).
  • Complimentary access to all my resources including online programs and memberships valued less than $50 or my VIP client special rate. (This applies for the entire duration of your coaching program).

Walk,talk and create

What if it doesn't work? Can I get my money back?
I’m 100% committed to my clients getting profound results, so I am more than happy to offer a money back guarantee. You simply have to show that you’ve followed through on all of the agreed recommendations from each of our coaching sessions.

* Each of these packages are designed to follow on from one another. If you decide to go onto the next stage, the programs are incorporated i.e. your 7 day program, becomes part of your 3 month program or 6 month program. It is not charged for separately.

** In addition, during the course of your program you will automatically receive significant discounts on KBHC events or online programs. We have found this is extremely beneficial in helping accelerate your learning and your successes.

When payment is made in full a 10% fee reduction automatically applies. Monthly payments are also available.

A fee reduction only applies to payment of the full program not monthly payments.


The nourished family program


3 MONTHS (12 sessions):
$1,947 AUD monthly payments of $649 AUD
or save $198 AUD and pay upfront $1,749 AUD.

6 MONTHS (24 sessions):
$3,594 AUD monthly payments of $599 AUD
or save $295 AUD and pay upfront $3,299 AUD.

If you’ve recently completed the Enriched Mama program, the cost for it is included in the cost of Nourished Family. Please Email me for details.


3 or 6 month program




3 or 6 month program


Or if you'd like to talk first, I'm here for you.

Call me on 0411 139 924 or email at
for a FREE 15 minute


Sally, Mother (3 children, 11 & 10 (twins) & Part-time Sonographer and Textile Designer)

Kate’s gentle, caring and sensitive approach made me feel empowered and confident to make changes. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel guilty putting myself first and in doing so, have enriched our family.

- Sally, Mother (3 children, 11 & 10 (twins) & Part-time Sonographer and Textile Designer)
Dean Roberts

My wife enlisted Kate to change our kids eating habits. After witnessing the successful results and the transformation of my kids diet and health, I decided it was time to heal myself. As a long term suffer of IBS (roughly 17 years) I had enough with the physical and psychological impact this was having on me. Kate listened to my story and had some very simple changes for me to implement to begin with. Within weeks, i noticed a difference with my IBS, energy levels and weight loss. Kate set goals for me to achieve and the positive and reassuring nature of Kate made me feel good about my choices and why I was making this transformation. Now after more than 6 months, my IBS issues have significantly decreased providing me with an increased quality of life and my eating habits have changed for the better. I was not achieving the weight loss with my increased fitness regime and the changes Kate recommended has allowed me to reach my weight loss goal. Kate's dedication to my situation was amazing and provided me with confidence that my issue would be resolved with time. The constant information and research Kate provided was second to none. Kate has changed mine and my families life for the better. These changes will define my childrens eating habits for their lives and the rest of mine. Thank you Kate for opening our eyes and saving us from the deceitful marketing from food companies and educating my family.

- Dean Roberts

Good Vibes

Finally, I want you to know that whatever
choice you make, I FULLY SUPPORT YOU.

The invitations to partner with me and become a nourished family is open to you and I sincerely hope you give yourself permission

to consider the benefits it will bring


3 or 6 month program




3 or 6 month program


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