In terms of the food we eat, we already know what our cells need but with the mixed messages we get in our daily lives, it’s worth revisiting.  Here’s a recap of what & why:

For good digestion there are many other really important things to consider eg:

No refined sugar mentioned… nope, our cells just can’t use this stuff!  And no additives, preservatives, chemicals etc.. Our cells will tolerate this ‘foreign fuel’ or toxins for awhile, then… one day they’ll just start ‘breaking down’, we might develop headaches, lethargy, or even a digestive disorder or chronic disease.

Cram the good stuff in and without thinking about it you’ll naturally stop eating the nutrient dead stuff – do it – you’ll surprise yourself.

This description just scrapes the surface of our beautifully complex digestive system and how to get out motors runnin’.

The important thing is, ‘we are not only what we eat – but what we digest (absorb)’…  

Two great references for improving digestive health are:

Jordan Rubin, ‘restoring digestive health’ or ‘the makers diet’ and Elizabeth Lipski, has written a number of books specifically on this topic.  There are many others…

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