I’ve been experimenting with different cleanses in the past year or so and am sharing my thoughts and why (if at all), you’d consider doing it.

7 things I’ve learnt cleansing; 

  1. Choose your cleanse carefully.  Make sure it suits you as an individual both physically and mentally.   See the rest of the article for different types of cleanses or how to clean up your diet and give your digestive system a well earned ‘break’.
  2. Be organised.  It’s important to have all the food bought and stocked up ready to go. It’s part of enjoying the process more.
  3. To have the ‘space’ and time to dedicate to the process i.e. blocking out my diary so I can take time to rest and allow my body to cleanse, and not be ‘stressed’ with being busy or tired, (and so when things get busy with the kids I can manage them better) e.g. put the cleanse in my diary two or three weeks ahead of time so I’m prepared for it.
  4. How much sugar I’m actually eating!  Even though I use healthy alternatives like dates, honey, brown rice syrup, etc, it’s still sugar that had crept into my diet on a more regular basis.  Sweetness is a natural part of our diet and I’m not totally against it – but – it is important to monitor how much we’re having.
  5. Self care.  This is super important as it allows our stress levels to lower and our bodies to detoxify / cleanse more effectively.  For example, to take time for a long bath or shower, to nourish our body properly with food and gentle exercise, massage, yoga, body brushing etc. and support it in the cleansing process.
  6. How well my body responded.  Apart from my lapse of reason, when I continued to go along to my weekly pump class, totally under fuelled, I literally ‘crashed’.  Other than that my clarity of thought improved and my jeans are a little looser! … and to get a little personal for a moment, my digestion (bowel movements) improved a little – a great guide that ‘things are working better’ and …
  7. Wait … until the weather is no longer wild and becomes more mild!  It’s been very difficult to guide my mind to enjoy salads and smoothies each day with the winter weather we’ve had in the past week, when I naturally want warmer foods to warm me up.   The time needs to be right.

I highly recommend cleansing to give our overworked digestive systems a much needed holiday.   It creates an opportunity to really listen to our bodies and understand what food and lifestyle choices work for us as an individuals.   For example, I realise how easy it is to over eat, and how my ‘mean girl’ thoughts can be tamed!  Our mean thoughts are the thoughts we have that try to sabotage all the good work we’re building on to be better people and live our best lives!  It’s our ancestral brains basic form of protection.  Taming those thoughts are key to achieving our goals and building the life we’re meant for.  

A cleanse can be taxing on our bodies both physically and mentally.  To achieve our goals with as much ease and enjoyment as possible, I highly recommend being prepared and doing the research as to the type of cleanse that suits you as an individual both mentally and physically.   It’s not for everyone.

The body is wonderfully designed to cleanse or detox naturally, the reality is today we are daily exposed to many different toxins and we need to support our bodies either with a regular cleanse or eating ‘more cleanly’ daily.

Three cleanses I’ve tried in the past year:

1.  The Hungry for Change 3 day cleanse is a great introductory cleanse.  I didn’t really feel hungry on it and it was easy to prepare for.

2.  The pure glow 3 day juice cleanse.  Set up by two gorgeous young girls in WA who make it super easy for you by delivering 3 days worth of juice to your door.  This one you don’t need to be so organised for but… it’s a bit more hard core, so if you’re interested, definately block out your diary.

3.  The Vitality Cleanse (5 days).   Created by fellow Health Coach and ‘Health Fest-er‘, Anita Fredericks and her friend. It is in the pilot stage and due to be launched in November.  I participated in the pilot that was run this week and really enjoyed it.   It provides lots of support along the way, with a range of easy, nutritious recipes to get you through and keep you going.  (I’ll forward details as the launch approaches).

And then try ‘eating clean’…

4.   Eating Clean for 3 or 5 days (and perhaps for up to 2 weeks), takes well known ‘antagonists’ out of our diets e.g.

This is a gentle way to ‘cleanse’.   See how you feel and then reintroduce the foods you’ve eliminated one at a time to see if there are any in particular you’re more sensitive too or have trouble digesting.

Pressed Earth.  I recently found out about this company.  Another  convenient 3 day juice cleanse (which I haven’t tried yet), but have to mention as they are local and I spoke to one of the people involved  and love the sound of it.  Two young guys who distribute fresh cold pressed juices to your door, made locally here in Mosman Park.   They are starting to deliver fresh juices to cafes in the area too.  Watch out for this wonderful service and product.   To find out more visit them on Facebook too.

And for a brief summary on cleansing refer to this post from last year.

Now I’d love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on cleansing?

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