I  could talk all day on the phenomenal benefits of using this hero of nutritional foods! Particularly as its had its time in the ‘wings’, where its been banished for its high saturated fat content for far too long.  I reckon it needs to be out here in the limelight – front and centre, leading the chorus line of healthy, nutrient dense, mega nourishing foods!  Listed below is an overview of the many different uses for coconut oil, there are bound to be more.

We regularly use coconut in all it’s various forms:

In this post though I’m zooming in on the oil.  In terms of coconut, this is the form we use the most and I believe the most ‘valuable’.  It’s easy to use for all kinds of cooking requirements and it’s medicinal properties are phenomenal.

Some of the many healing benefits & reasons to love it:

Due to the molecular structure of coconut oil, generally it is more easily absorbed by our bodies.  Hence some of the many nutritional benefits including:

Why coconut oil is great for cooking:  when it’s heated, it’s health properties are retained – unlike many vegetable oils ie  it doesn’t turn rancid or oxidize when heated.   It can be used at a moderate to high temperature and has a long shelf life, (refined coconut oil can be heated up to 230 degrees Celsius and the unrefined oil up to about 175 degrees celsius).

Some of the many other uses for coconut oil:

coconut oilHow to use it regularly:

What type should we buy?

Where to find Coconut oil? 


I’d love to hear your experience with coconut oil?  How do you use it?  Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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