Despite current world events, kids are still crazily excited with Easter almost here!   Actually let’s be honest..  it’s more the thought of all that CHOCOLATE!

For me, Easter just hasn’t been on the radar with everything else that’s going on this year.   The thought of not spending it with extended family is upsetting, along with massive amounts of processed sugar hitting their immune systems!    BUT… it’s Easter.    And there is so much more to love about it.  All the little traditions Easter brings i.e. egg hunts, family meals, the ‘easter bunny’ visits, new PJs for the kids, decorating, lazy days etc.

The usual excessive commercialisation puts me off, yet I haven’t felt that this year, probably due to less visits to the shop.

Like many things that are easily accessible, the ritual, tradition, the symbolism and the excitement becomes diluted and sometimes the festival doesn’t mean as much.  I feel Easter is going to be more special this year as we have more time  for it.  Let’s see.

That aside, I am excited at the festivity and how it brings our family together even more… food is an important element of galvanising the gathering and the celebration.  Tradition, holiday, food and family – an awesome combination and so Easter is always a special time.

If you don’t already have your own Easter traditions, this Easter I invite you to cultivate your own traditions and rituals and firmly establish what Easter means to you and your family.   It will work magic.

The other thing about Easter is it’s easy to over indulge, and then the heavy feeling of guilt weighs on our minds (and bodies).  

The more I do my work, the more I see that food really is secondary to our health.

If we’re stressed out about WHAT we eat e.g. ‘is it healthy’?  ‘should I be eating that’?  ‘Is it going to make me fat’?  ‘Is it going to make me sick’?   THAT is what’s going to make us sick.  Our thoughts.

Our thoughts can do more damage than the food itself.  This is what happens;

1.  The thought (mind).   ‘I shouldn’t eat that chocolate, it’s going to make me fat’.  It’s a negative thought and our MIND is powerful.  What we think – we create.  

2.  The guilt (feeling).  We go ahead and have the piece of chocolate or easter egg anyway because we know how good it will be!  We then mentally beat ourselves up – GUILTY thoughts of how bad we’ve been and that we gave in … a familiar FEELING?

3.  The chemistry (body). These thoughts send stress hormones and chemicals coursing through our BODY.  Our cells receive the ‘stress’ message i.e. survival mode kicks in and our body then works on survival, rather the enjoyment of eating the chocolate, and this simple and pleasurable act becomes a burden on our minds and BODIES.


Finally.  There’s just one strategy you can do to be healthy this Easter.  ENJOY IT, and enjoy the choices you make.  GUILT FREE.


We’re better off thoroughly enjoying that chocolate with no remorse or guilt and instead enjoying the moment, smell, taste and sensation it so pleasurably offers us.

Or if that doesn’t resonate for you perhaps this does, ‘Chocolate is health food for the soul’…


For Easter we’ll be making home made chocolates.   For the kids we will be buying easter eggs (organic or locally made chocolate) – it’s part of the tradition now.   My Mum and Dad have been clever and rather than easter eggs, give the kids a little Easter present – which the kids love.  With the change of seasons we also give the kids winter PJs… (a great idea that a friend does with her family).   And we’ll be having an easter egg hunt with the kids and celebrating with family!

I love chocolate and my site is loaded with loads of healthy, scrumptious, chocolate recipes, have a look around!   Then if you still need inspiration check out my ebook, ‘A collection of 5 minute foodie gifts’.    Enjoy!

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