‘My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me’ 

Jim Valvano

…and the best thing is that ‘greatest gift‘ is totally free – but invaluable.

In our home Fathers and Mothers Day isn’t a big deal.  As kids it was similar, we’d try to buy presents for Mum and Dad because, ‘isn’t that what you’re supposed to do’?  But every year Mum and Dad insisted on a cup of tea in bed or something home made – little things that still say a lot and cost very little.   It’s probably the same for many of you and your families.

This belief carries on with me today.  These special days are for recognising the closeness and sanctity that family can provide and the value of our parents.  Giving our time, being thoughtful to others and sharing in the delights of the simple things.  Making an effort for the people dear to us.

Then think about our children.  What are we role modelling to them?  Is it short-lived happiness through consumerism i.e. buying a gift (that’s probably been hard to buy, because what do you buy Dads)?!   Or is it the value in giving our TIME and EFFORT?

There’s that old adage, ‘a way to a mans heart is through his stomach’.  I reckon there’s a lot of truth to it, so here’s a reminder of a few tried and tested simple, budget friendly ideas for the special man in your life next weekend;

  1. create his favourite dessert and/or dinner.  Check out two of our Dad’s favourite recipes below.  Can you guess that he has a sweet tooth?
  2. a special morning tea, (lots of great ideas on my website).
  3. home made chocolate.  The kids call their Dad, ‘The Chocolate Monster’ and for good reason.  This recipe makes it super easy to make your own and it’s one the kids can easily help with too.
  4. turn your home into an instant restaurant!  Rather than going out for breakfast or lunch,  create a restaurant name, set the table, dress it up, put the music on, invite the grandparents and at the same time you’re celebrating Dad, CELEBRATE food and how it magically brings your family together.  (Just try not to pick on the kids manners too much)!
  5. make this or something else that brings your family together e.g. a fathers day camping holiday or a family bike ride, a family tradition, and magic will happen.

And it’s all FREE – yet invaluable.  

While it’s important to recognise each other and the incredibly important job of parenting, we all know, buying the latest gadget or fashionable item isn’t going to make us happy or be memorable, and more importantly is it what we want to role model to our kids?

This coming Fathers Day, perhaps think twice about what you give your husband or father.  Is it what he really needs? Will it be memorable or truly make him happy? 

Now check out my father friendly recipes scattered through my website for your beautiful family this Fathers Day.   Two of my husbands favourites are the sweet, slow cooked brisket and the very decadent sticky date pudding.   (All to be enjoyed guilt free of course)!

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