‘We often hear people say ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ But infact it works more like: ‘I’ll believe it, THEN I’ll see it.’‘ ~ Julie Ann Cairns, author of The Abundance Code

A fresh start to kick new ideas off and achieve our goals!  Or is it?…

… This has never worked for me.  I love the idea of new beginnings and a fresh start and making big goals come true but, I tend to just get on with things.   Big goals feel heavy and not fun to me.

In saying that, before our fabulous holiday at the end of last year I struggled with ‘getting on with things’.  I felt tied to my computer, not getting outside and moving as much as I want and need and not spending enough quality time with family and friends.  Perhaps you’ve felt the same?

Holidays came at the perfect time and I’ve thought a lot about how I can achieve what I want this year while still enjoying it and having fun!   I’ve naturally been drawn to the following top 16 fuels and tools I’m using to keep my vibe high, stay more focused and create deeper personal connections in my business and life in general.

I need positive, encouraging mind motivators like these:

1.  Knowing that what I do each day and who I am is enough.  No comparisons, no judgement, I am enough.

2.  My why?  Simply it’s the roof over our heads and the wellbeing of our family.

Out of the 16 ideas I’m sharing, I hope there are a couple you haven’t considered yet and can experiment with or give you extra bit of inspiration and motivation.  A few of them I picked up on our fantastic holiday in South Africa (SA).  Some are bigger topics than I can share here so will be sharing more information in coming weeks.

Holiday Snap.  Table Mountain, Cape Town.


Body loving fuels and tools.

1. Zucchini pasta.   Many of you are onto this, for those who haven’t yet ventured (like us 6 months ago)…  why?!  This seems to be on our menu most weekends now.   We use a basic pasta sauce or leftover ingredients and stir it into the ‘zucchini noodles’, easy and yummy.  If you don’t have a spiralliser, try grating large, thin slices of the zucchini to do something similar (or try this recipe here).    I bought the spiralliser from Dandelion Eco Store at the South Fremantle Markets, you can buy them at most whole food stores.

2.  Simple Seed Crackers.  We were introduced us to these in SA and they are the bomb!  A blender recipe, super easy to make and a great, nourishing replacement – thanks Lu.  Nut free.  grain free.  Give them a try.

3.  Psyllium Seed Powder.  Why has it taken me so long to discover you?  We’ve known for a long time the benefits on digestive health and it’s also a great ‘binder’ in baking and alternative for wheat and other grains.

The important thing is to use psyllium seed powder and not the psyllium seed husk.  The powder is mostly soluble fibre and more beneficial to us.  The soluble fibre means it’s a prebiotic i.e. it can feed and support our gut flora and assist our digestive systems better.

The seed crackers above use psyllium and I made this magic carrot and lentil loaf with it the other day that we all loved.

4.  Rooibos.  SA is the home of Rooibos, but I was intrigued to see at one of the places we stayed at, the farmer was giving their young foal rooibos as a supplement for it’s high antioxidant properties (i.e. fights free radicals in the body) as it couldn’t nurse from its mother.  Rooibos is a wonderful supplement as it’s also rich in important minerals e.g. Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium.

I’ve been enjoying the filtered tea with a touch of vanilla – yum!

5.  Simplicious.  A christmas present.  I lOVE this latest book by Sarah Wilson!  So many clever ideas, practical and… simple.

Simple Seed Crackers.  Loved by little and big kids!

Mind & Soul

Fuel that’s inspiring, exciting and improving my mind and guiding my soul in the right direction. 

6.  Brene Browne.  Her Book, ‘Daring Greatly’ and why vulnerability is our greatest strength – not a weakness.  There is so much goodness in here on living a more fulfilling life.

7.  Tony Robbins.  I find this video very inspiring, ‘why some people take massive action and others don’t’

8.  Happiness Jars.  Elizabeth Gilberts idea & shared with me by one of my clients mum this week!  A gorgeous idea to practice gratitude and create some homely happiness.

9.  The beach.  

10.  SOMM.  School of the Modern Mystic with Belinda Davidson.  I’m loving exploring my ‘woo woo’ / spiritual side with Belinda – a world class medical intuitive, teacher, healer, author and public speaker.  Her School of the Modern Mystic is an online teaching facility that’s dedicated to helping ‘modern mystics’ embrace spirituality and discover their life purpose.  There’s always so much to learn!

11.  Clients + their families.   My year has started off including family members into consultations with clients  e.g. mothers or children in our sessions together.  I really love it.  I see how it helps clients and their families get the results they want quicker, more enjoyably and successfully.  I’ll be incorporating this more into my 1:1 programs this year.

12. Connection. We are living more digitally connected than we’ve ever lived before and as a price we are living more disconnected than we ever have before.   Disconnected from friends, family, community and nature.  After a few weeks holiday I realise how quietly this snuck into my life!   This year more personal connection with nature, family, partners, friends, community is a priority.

In regard to my health coaching community I’ll still be sharing content in my newsletter but doing more in person projects e.g. workshops, morning teas etc.. so you have greater access to me to have your questions answered and your health goals reached – easily and so I know what you need.   Check out what’s coming up below. 

image found here 

Mothering (Parenting)

Tools I’m using to boost my peace of mind, ease the worry and improve my skills!

13.  Essential oils.   Where do I start…  Peace of mind and holidays.   I love that we didn’t need a fist aid kit, just an essential oil kit.   I used them for stomach aches, stings, jet lag, strong tummies, sleep, sniffles, cleaning … (what else would I use to clean up a house after a troop of baboons have raided and defaced defecated it – it was NOT good)?!  I took about 10 different oils with us and used them everyday.

One morning Benj all of a sudden got a very bad tummy ache – doubled over, crying in pain.  A visit to a doctor was not on our itinerary!  I tried a couple of oils – gently, after about an hour still no relief he’d been swimming the day before in a pool… maybe that had something to do with it?  We don’t know.  I then ‘bombed’ him with a cocktail of oils, within 15 minutes he had fallen asleep and woke up back to his happy himself and a very relieved mum!  I was so glad to have them.

My next oily class, Natures Medicine Cabinet, is on Tuesday 19th of January at 7pm at our home in Mosman Park (see below) register with me at kate@katebarnes.com.au   

14.  Morning Magic.  Time for myself before the busy day begins.  I love the quiet and being able to journal, read, meditate and/or exercise, my days go so much better.  I fill my cup.  I will be making these a priority.

15.  Breathing.  Breathing from my diaphragm.  Breathing deeply in this way immediately stimulates our para-sympathetic nervous system i.e. we signal the body to rest and digest (heal), as opposed to fight or flight (stress).  It’s energising and can take as little as 10 minutes.  Magic.

I’m using this free app, ‘pranayama’ and I love Dr Libby’s, ‘Restorative Calm’.  Both can take as little as 10 minutes.

16.  Soul sisters.  Working, supporting, listening and playing with like-minded women toward making life and parenting the best it can be for all of us.

Mind Motivator.  If there’s one thing to take from this newsletter, I recommend taking at least 5 -10 minutes a day to motivate and strengthen the mind in the direction of our dreams.    

What tools and fuels are you going to try this year?  I’d love to hear what you’re trying.   

Our ‘medicine travel kit’. Essential oils, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, magnesium and GI herbal supplement.
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