I find preparing a few staple foods on the weekend is one of the best ingredients for a successful week ahead. I may not do all these things, but I’ll certainly do at least one or two of them.

Here are the six ways I prep for a week of healthy meals:

1. Wash and chop: It’s so much easier to make a salad for lunch when the leafy greens and toppings are already washed, dried and chopped. When hunger sets in, throw together an energising salad in a second, leaving no excuse to rely on unsatisfying, less nourishing snacks.

2. Roast or grill some vegetables:  Bake a few vegetables or if you’ve already got some on the menu cook double or triple so you’ve got some on the ready to add to a salad, have as a snack or something extra nourishing to add to your breakfast. 

3. Cook whole grains: If you use whole grains e.g oats, quinoa or buckwheat, it’s so easy when they are already cooked ready to go. (Whole grains should be soaked preferably at least 8 hours prior to cooking to make them more digestible. Use whole grains on a salad, as a snack or add to a stir-fry.

4. Make a dressing or condiment: Having a garden love pesto, home made mayonnaise or a cashew cream sauce available will assure a more tasty meal in minutes too and they usually take no longer than 5 minutes to prepare and can be used and with most meals to give more interest and added sustaining nourishment. 

5. Cook once eat twice or three times:  If you’re not already doing this.  This is gold.  Whenever you’re spending time in the kitchen double or triple the quantity of what you’re preparing (usually it’s possible) so you’ve got leftovers for the next day or that can be transformed into a new dish for the following nights dinner.   Otherwise pop it into the freezer for next time you’re running short of time.  

6.  Stock the freezer and pantry – always:   This is key.  If you haven’t already downloaded my pantry checklist make sure you do.  It’ll give you some great ideas for stocking your freezer and pantry so you’ve always got good food ready to go, a snack, main meal whatever is needed.  Be prepared.   It’s worth it.

If all else fails, don’t worry, you and your family will be absolutely fine with scrambled eggs or something similar for a night!   Or, you can always pop into your local butcher for some organic meat to serve with any remaining veggies in the fridge, for a quick, easy and nutritious dinner for everyone.  It’s not fancy, but it’ll do the trick.

If you’re not already doing some or all of the above, just start by adding one thing into your routine and see how it helps e.g. ‘wash and chop’ or ‘cook once eat twice…’.  Then once that’s part of your routine (or if it doesn’t work for you) try the next thing.

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