“Passion is Energy.  Feel the power that comes from 
focusing on what excites you ~  Oprah

Other than being fuelled by our passion, three other factors fundamental for good energy include;

  1. getting more sleep which we all know but don’t always respect enough
  2. lowering our stress levels … say no more and,
  3. good nutrition is fundamental.

Let’s take a closer look at what we can do to energise ourselves better nutritionally.

Food is fuel, we just need to make sure we’re getting the right stuff!  

These 11 quick and easy strategies are guaranteed to improve energy, lower stress and help ensure we have great nutritional food on hand.  The bonus – these tips will not only help you, but your entire family.

11 Simple Strategies;  

  1. Start the day well.   Enjoy a nourishing breakfast using whole foods, for example eggs (of any kind), left overs from the night before, baked beans or a whole grain porridge or smoothies full of nourishing foods e.g. chia seeds, soaked nuts etc.    Smoothie ingredients can be pre-prepared the night before and if you need to, try getting up a bit earlier, it’s worth it.
  2. Be organised & always have nourishing snacks on hand e.g. home made power balls, bacon & egg pies, cinnamon dusted sweet potato chips, home made dips and pesto, leftover soup or other nourishing meals, (many of these and other recipes can be found on my website).
  3. Have a ‘cook-up’ on the weekend or one afternoon, invite a couple of friends over & have fun cooking up a storm.   If those snacks aren’t readily available, then always have your basic ingredients in the pantry, ready to create some nourishing magic at anytime.   (check out my FREE pantry essentials checklist on my website).
  4. Try making lunch, dinner e.g. have a larger meal in the middle of the day (only if possible) and a smaller meal in the evening.  Much kinder on our digestion and there’s less to do when we get home.
  5. Try a savory afternoon tea rather than a sweet one.  It might take a bit of getting used to but persist.
  6.  Fuel up in the early part of the day with breakfast & lunch and we’ll find we skip snacks until dinner.
  7.  In preparing sweet treats use healthier natural sweeteners e.g. brown rice syrup, stevia, coconut or maple syrup or raw honey.
  8.  Avoid having processed, packaged, highly refined, nutrient dead foods in your home.
  9.  If there are imbalances in our life emotionally; try talking to a close friend and share problems, do more of what we love and importantly, guilt free.
  10. Be outside, exercise or start a new project, preferably a passion project to help distract any thoughts around food and add more passion and purpose into your life.
  11. Drink more water.   Often cues for dehydration can be misinterpreted for hunger.  If we’re not already try drinking about 2L per day.

The key to many of these strategies is including good quality fats and protein in their whole forms.  These foods in the right quantities provide great sustenance and leave our blood sugars more stable. When these foods are incorporated into our day regularly many of the reasons for hunger or cravings disappear.   The more we cram these good nutrient rich foods in, the less our desire for sweetness & the more we recalibrate our taste buds to appreciate a more natural level of sweetness in our day.

As an example, a recent client came to me concerned about her 3 year old daughters’ lethargy and diet.  She knew instinctively things weren’t right.  When her young daughter woke in the morning she’d gravitate to the couch – tired.  Within 6 weeks her daughter is a changed girl.   Her energy levels are so much better, her moods have stabilised, and she’s eating better and the all important indicator of a healthy gut – her bowel movements have improved!  I’m confident that her immune system will be stronger too.  And … importantly her Mum is happier and LESS WORRIED about her daughter!  (I’ve gotta say this little girl is super lucky having her caring Mum who’s been so committed to the suggestions we’ve discussed).  

Experiment with one or two strategies first up and see how they work for you and your family?  How does your body respond?  And then consider adding-in another one and so on and before you know it, your energy levels will be so much better and any preoccupying thoughts of ‘what can I eat’? will be just a thing of the past.

Let me know how you go, I’d love to hear.

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