Happy Birthday Chlo!    On Friday my daughter Chloe celebrated her 8th birthday with a few very excited 8 year old girlfriends!   Birthdays are special, but unfortunately with the happenings throughout this past week, not a lot of thought was given to the actual party!   So on Friday with about 3 hrs until touch down, I prepared a spread of healthy, nourishing guten free party food.  For interest, the menu included:

  1. chocolate coated popcorn (a huge hit)
  2. plain popcorn
  3. mango jelly cups
  4. gluten & preservative free sausages
  5. gluten free pizza with home made tomato sauce
  6. seasonal fruit skewers
  7. sparkling apple juice (natural & preservative free)
  8. a coconut and chocolate birthday cake (semi prepared in the morning).

I will share the recipes for this party food in future posts.   My reason for sharing is really to demonstrate how quick it can be to create nourishing and tasty party food, even when we’re working with gluten restrictions, and little time!  It can be done.

It wasn’t very adventurous or creative, but it did the trick.   The kids had a ball & were well fed with nourishing treats!   … mission accomplished.

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