Emerging out of the grey of a slow, cold winter, for many of us rather than feeling the joys of spring, we’re feeling heavy and sluggish and have been sick, actually… really sick.

70-80% of our immunity lies in our gut, so a significant part of staying healthy is about a healthy gut.

Healing the gut is the number 1 focus for healing everything … almost.  While it’s not the only consideration, the health of the gut must be the number 1 consideration.  

Our kids and I have all been diagnosed with gut issues i.e. leaky gut and nasty parasitic infections, yet without obvious symptoms.    My daughter, however, had very bad eczema as a baby and my energy and immune system literally crashed when the children were little ones.

Symptoms I now know were linked to poor gut function and other imbalances.

You might be thinking, ‘I’m healthy!  Why have I got gut issues?’

We’re all work in progress, but I reckon I’ve had gut issues for a while, and the health of my gut and my husbands’ has affected the health of our childrens’.

For me personally, the following may have contributed;

Other factors contributing to gut dysfunction;

Unknowingly many children are starting life with compromised gut function. If parents haven’t actively detoxed for heavy metals and rebuilt their microbiome, our kids are inheriting a handsome dose of toxins and an under performing gut flora that can quickly set the scene for gut dysfunction, malabsorption, autoimmune and inflammatory disease.   

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a reality and far better to know and to do something about it sooner than later.

And there is good news!  The gut will heal and so will the body.

Have a listen to my gorgeous client, Callie and her inspiring story.   Cal shares how she helped her 3 year old son, Bowen recover from a severe allergy to eggs.  How she trusted her mothers instinct and her number 1 tip for creating a healthy home. 

When the gut is functioning well, the foreigners i.e. toxins, heavy metals, parasites, viruses, bacteria etc. can pass right on through, while the body naturally does its thing.

Are you dealing with a form of gut dysfunction?  Or perhaps you are but you don’t know you are.   It’s highly likely. 

Other than the obvious gut symptoms e.g. irritable bowel, reflux etc.  Other clues / symptoms to consider;

Unless you’ve already identified an issue and taken action to restore it, it’s time to start rebuilding your gut health, gently, gradually, one step at a time and help safeguard your future wellbeing.

It doesn’t have to be difficult and the earlier you take action the better.

Learn more about protecting and restoring your gut health at my next Enriched Living Workshop, ‘Gut Health.  Simple steps to healthy digestion & a long life’    We’re going on a fun and informative journey of the digestive system.  You’ll learn commonly missed aspects to great gut health, plus lots of ideas for recipes and remedies to begin repairing your gut and your families.  Simply.  Naturally.

Seats are limited.  Register ASAP.

And have a listen to Callie’s story.

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