Since becoming a Mum and with the kids quickly growing up around me I’ve learnt, as most of us do, how unbelievably important TIME is.

Not ‘token time’ where we distractedly nod in agreement, but utterly, 100%, I am fully present for my kids, time.  Kids thrive when they’re given our time.  But it can be SO hard to give it to them – undistracted and fully present. The phrases ‘Where does the time go?  And how often do you ask someone, ‘How are you?’ and their definitive answer is, ‘busy’! – are all too familiar.

How can we find more time?   It’s hard.  Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on; 

1.  We are busier.  Juggling family, work and our homes.  What time we have, we want to ‘chillax’ and have a bit of ‘time out’ but there’s a never ending list a mile long of ‘To Do’s’.

2.  Our kids are busier.  Play dates, music, swimming, art, tutoring, soccer, footy, tennis, singing and the list goes on.  Which means we’re busy, ferrying them around, watching and waiting.

3.  We no longer have the community support to give us time i.e. ‘our village’ of mums, grandparents and other community members watching our kids, feeding our kids, nursing them etc.  (and who also gave our kids time).

4.  We no longer have time for fun or doing more of what we love.  And neither do our kids.

5.  We don’t have time to understand or fully research all that we want to, especially the food we’re feeding our kids!   Let alone finding time for ourselves and for our partners.

6.  And then if we DO find ourselves with time …. there’s that ol’ familiar feeling…. GUILT, ‘hello ol’ friend’.  A feeling that does all it can to sabotage the GREAT in all that we do.

What are we role modelling to our kids?  Are we happy?  Are our kids really happy?

I’m as guilty as anyone of not spending dedicated time with my kids or with my own parents or my immediate family let alone my friends.  It’s one of my biggest challenges.  I’m aware of it and consciously working on it.  I KNOW time spent with my kids especially is so valuable and is time incredibly well spent.   I think of putting time into my kids like putting savings into the bank and watching it mature healthily into well adjusted adults.  It’s like anything really – the more time we put into it the better or more successful the outcome (or the child).

Then consider this question.  Is there anything more important than the job of nurturing our future generations and having the time to do that?   

So having TIME for our kids is maybe the most important topic for us as parents to address – sooner than later.  To nourish, nurture and guide.

I also know how hard it is to gain this valuable currency and juggle all we have on.  Creating and juggling our time as parents is something I cover, as do a number of my guest contributors, in‘Our Happy Children’ starting on the 31st of July.  We discuss it from different perspectives and give practical strategies to give support and help bring back the JOY of being a Mum!

Dr Shefali Tsabary has written a book, ‘The Conscious Parent – Transforming ourselves, Empowering our children’, while I haven’t read it yet, I’ve heard Dr Shefali interviewed and she is brilliant.  She discusses a new paradigm of parenting, which is compelling.  We are fortunate to have the incredibly knowledgable and experienced Maria Golding, from Intuitive Motherhood talking about this very topic in Our Happy Children!

Now I’d like to introduce you to Dr Sally Cook.

Sally is an Integrative Medicine Doctor working at the East Fremantle Medical Centre in Western Australia, she is also a friend and mentor who’s wisdom I value greatly.   In this casual and humorous interview Sally shares her perspectives on;

Sal is a pioneer in her field, has a very common sense and practical approach to health and is making a real difference in the medical profession itself.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy our casual discussion as much as I did chatting with her.  Meet Sal.

Dr Sally Cook gives her perspective on nourishing healthy kids & much more.

An invitation for you.

I invite you after reading and watching this to think twice about what you do with your valuable time.   For example,  before you;

  1. say ‘yes’.  Ask yourself, ‘is that what you really want to do’?
  2. pop on that load of washing or clean the house.  Ask yourself,  ‘does that really have to be done now’
  3. automatically say ‘no’ to someone who offers you help.  Ask yourself, ‘do I really mean that’?
  4. make a choice to do something.  Ask yourself, Is that really what you want to spend your time doing?  Or can it wait?

Schedule time for you.

I know it’s not always possible, I get it,  and stuff has to be done.  So if this is the case, how about making whatever needs to be done a bit more enjoyable e.g.

Do it.  It’s hard to imagine, but you’ll find you actually create time.   It’s the little things that make a BIG difference.   Try it as an experiment.  See what happens to the energy of your home.  How do the kids or the grand kids react?

Happy Mum.  Happy Kids.  Happy Home. 

If you want to do THE best you can for your kids health and their long term vitality, to safeguard them against the scourge of chronic illness, but don’t have the time or you’re confused and don’t know where to start.  Join me in Our Happy Children.  I’ve done all the work for you.  Just put me on your team and let’s create our caring, supportive, village – virtually.  I will be a guide by your side, supporting you in making THE best choices for you and your family, that really will be for LIFE –   


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