Bacteria are better known for causing disease, so any idea of tossing down a few billion a day for your health can seem a bit hard to swallow!   There is more and more scientific evidence that suggests you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with food and supplements containing certain types of live bacteria eg probiotics (‘for life’).

Your body has played host to millions of bacteria.  In fact, the bacteria in our gut actually out number the amount of human cells in your body.

These good guys are essential to our health.

Here are a few of their responsibilities:

That’s why after a dose of antibiotics (‘against life’), it’s important to get those friendly guys back in your gut, back to work and to look after them – self insure.

A few tips on how to do this:

Gut and digestive health are great indicators of when your body is out of balance.  Listen to your body – what’s your gut telling you?  Taking time to cultivate our ‘army’ of good bugs helps establish a strong foundation for great health.

‘All disease begins in the gut’ – Hippocrates 460 BC

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