Slow cooking our food is a wonderful, nourishing, comforting way to enjoy food, especially during the cold winter months.  Then there’s the added bonus of cooking up a beautiful home cooked meal while spending very little time in the kitchen!   Perfect.
When referring to slow cooking, I’m talking about food that ‘s cooked on a low temperature e.g. not more than 160 degrees celsius, and for a good couple of hours usually in the oven, or in a heavy pot on the stove or a slow cooker (crock pot).  Through this process it’s actually more loved i.e. it’s not blasted with heat on a high temperature and consequently more denatured.  Here are a few great reasons to consider slow cooking your next meal.

1.  Increase our nutrients

As with any cooking at home, you have control over the amount and quality of food in your meal. For instance, adding more vegetables than called for in the recipe increases the nutrients while creating a meal that is more filling due to the fiber and bulk the vegetables offer.

2.  More economical

The slow cooking process tenderises meat perfectly.  When tough cuts of meat are used, the longer cooking time and moist cooking method result in meats that are much more tender without the addition of processed and unnatural tenderisers. So there’s no need to buy  expensive cuts of meat, we can be adventurous and use the cuts that are often left aside.  These cuts when cooked the right way taste equally as good and are half the price!

3.  Retain more nutrients 

With all cooking methods, there can be a breakdown in nutrients, although many nutrients such as lycopene (found in tomatoes and other red coloured fruits and vegetables) become more readily available to the body. The advantage of a slow cooker over other more rapid cooking methods is that the foods are cooked at a relatively low heat for a longer time. This lower heat may not destroy as many nutrients as other methods such as steaming or boiling. Another benefit is that with slow cooker meals, the nutrients can often be recaptured when the resulting sauces or juices are served with the meal.

4.  More time for you

These meals are usually super quick and easy to prepare, whether it’s a slow cooked roast in the oven or something you’ve just popped all the ingredients into the slow cooker for.  Dinner is usually organised early on in the day leaving us more time for doing (or being) what we enjoy and makes us happy.  Which for some of us might be whipping up more food in the kitchen!  Or  Whatever it is – enjoy the act of cooking a nourishing meal and taking things a bit slower.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration check out this recipe for slow cooked cinnamon beef cheeks with cauliflower cream.  Delicious!

Now we’d love to hear from you.  What favourite meals or tips do you enjoy slow cooked?   Please share below. 


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