While it can be daunting going GF (Gluten Free) initially, if you want to give it a go, there are many alternatives.

Here are just a few ideas to get started with.

If you have a favourite recipe I’d love to hear what it is.

1.  Sourdough bread:  The fermentation process used in making sourdough helps predigest and break down the gluten, making it easier to digest.  Look for good authentic brands.  I love Abhis’ bread in South Fremantle.

2.  Swap sandwiches:   for salad and your favourite fillings.  If you need carbohydrate, try quinoa or rice with it.

3.  Cabbage leaves or a sturdier lettuce leaf:   eg Butter lettuce makes a great ‘basket’ for holding a meat sauce or ingredients eg check out the Sang Choy Bow recipe below.  One of our favourites at the moment.  We did have hamburgers in a lettuce basket one Sunday…. that was a big ask!

4.  Rice Paper:     wrap up leftovers eg cold meat, sausages, beans etc with a bit of salad in rice paper rolls… so good!

5.  Nori sheets   the same as the above or try egg ie cook egg (like an omelette).  put egg on top of the nori sheet, put preferred vegetables/filling on top of the egg.  Wrap it up &  whoala!  then there’s always sushi.  for something different try it with brown rice or quinoa.

6.  Pasta alternatives:  this can be tricky… a good pasta, especially homemade is hard to beat!  There are some great GF alternatives, other things to try are rice noodles and the 100% soba noodles.

7.  Pizza:  try an egg based pizza ie a very, very thin omelette base. Believe it or not, it tastes great and is so nourishing!  Or my gluten free, buckwheat and almond pizza base recipe.

8.  Flours:  while spelt flour is an okay alternative it still has gluten.  I’ve been experimenting more with coconut flour which we’re loving.  It can’t be directly replaced like a spelt flour and has a very different flavour.  Nut meals are also a great alternative or even a cooked grain such as quinoa.  This is a fantastic chocolate cake recipe.    In my next newsletter I’ll include a great snack and the recipe that we’re enjoying.

If you have kids, most of these ideas are easily transferred to lunch boxes… 

If you feel some resistance coming on, get together with some mates so kids go to school the same day with the same lunches. 

They’ll love it.


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