Heal and Restore
A Nourishing Tallow Balm
January 17, 2024

I loved discovering the etymology of tallow.  Tallow translated to latin is sebaceous.  Sebaceous glands on our skin produce sebum and it’s sebum that protects and moisturises our skin and hair. Our ancestors understood this synergistic relationship with our bodies. We’ve commonly used plant oils for our skin but what people used even more traditionally, was animal oils & Tallow was the number 1.

While there are many wonderful natural skincare products, I find it fascinating the saturated fat composition of tallow is the same as the cell structure of our skin cells, making it magically compatible.   Tallow also contains fat soluble vitamins that nourish the skin deeply. Tallow contains many different types of oils that are naturally very good for our skin including anti microbial & anti inflammatory.

MANY (most) skincare products, as we’re aware, are petroleum based & use vegetable oils that quickly become rancid (highly oxidized) and therefore toxic & honestly, carcinogenic. So imp for our kids & teens to understand this too.  Tallow Balm is a simple and super easy remedy, gifting the skin what it needs to heal itself, restore & replenish. It includes effectiveness with rashes, eczma, psoriasis, nappy rash, chapped lips & more.  It dances closely with our natural being, then combined with some beautiful high grade essential oils, we’ve created an incredible healing, nourishing balm and moisturiser.

Where to find it? I source it from @ginginbeef already rendered (refined) or @dandaraganorganicbeef unrendered. Or there are companies now using it in their products eg  Tuttofare Beauty.

* What we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream / body. Try to use real skin food when you can & lower your toxic load.
* It needs to be good quality – toxins store in fat tissue.

Enjoy making healing magic in your kitchen.

Preparation:  10 minutes

Application:   Dry, aging or irritated skin – any age.  A little goes a long way.

Quantity:  approx. 1 cup



    1. Melt tallow to become liquid or leave on the bench if a warm day to soften.
    2. Add olive or preferred oil and mix in to combine well.
    3. Place mix into the fridge for 30 minutes or so to become firm i.e. soft enough to be able to ‘whip’.
    4. When it’s firm use a thermomix or hand mixer and blend gently e.g. level 4 in the thermomix, until a fluffy texture forms (or near to).
    5. Add essential oils and whip for another minute or so to combine.  Smell and add more oils (for smell) or tallow or olive oil to improve consistency.
    6. Decanter into a sterilised and dry glass jar for storing and using.  Using essential oils will keep any pathogens out of the mix and act as a ‘preservative’ too.


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