Yet this isn’t imaginary.   

It’s our families reality and if it’s not yours already, it can be.

We recently had our first hospital visit with my 13 year old daughter for a broken finger.

We were asked to name our family Doctor.  I gave the name of a friend as we don’t have a family Doctor.

Our children have had antibiotics once or twice when they were very little, they are 11 and 13.

As a family we rarely get sick.  Unusual in todays world, yet not lucky.

Conventional medicine is very effective at treating the symptom and the cause of disease, which lies in a ‘part’ of the body.  However, there is more to the story… ​​​​​​​

There is something our bodies are exposed to emotionally or physically that triggers illness e.g. we might get a cold due to a low immunity:

Simple questions with complex answers, mental, emotional, physical and / or spiritual answers.  Answers that in the long term foster longevity and vitality and can prevent illness, but can take longer to resolve.

Bugs are everywhere all the time.  If we live a life of treating the bug or the symptom without treating the root cause or nourishing the body deeply and gently detoxifying, we are simply adding to the complexity of the issue, burying the clues deeper, making it harder and more complex to discover the root cause.

The earlier (younger) we support out bodies holistically, the easier and quicker our bodies respond and thrive.

We must look holistically at wellbeing.  To manage not just the symptom, but the whole being, mind, body and soul, and discover the root cause.

The good news is, it’s’ not hard, infact, it may seem too simple to be true.

It begins in our homes, in our hearts and at our tables.  With knowledge that’s stood the test of time which means… it’s free.

The challenge is…  

It feels hard.  Hard to;

Concerns that make it easier not to change or to opt for the quick fix instead.

It’s how we’ve been conditioned to act, without thinking twice, even though we know deep down, it’s not the answer.

It’s exactly what my clients learn about and overcome everyday, creating wellbeing from within their homes, simply, naturally, cost effectively, without overwhelm, confusion or conflict.

It’s why I created Our Happy Children – my online and LIVE short course.

If you’re sick and tired of going from Doctor to Doctor, Specialist to Specialist or want to know exactly what does work and you’re ready to discover food and lifestyle choices that give foundations for a well-being and prevent illness – Our Happy Children is for you and your family.

Doors close for 2018, this Saturday the 19th of May.   Be quick.  

You don’t want to miss this life changing program


A word from participants:

The knowledge we have as women in regard to wellbeing and what it involves, directly affects not only the state of our own health and happiness, but the state of health in our children and in our families.

It is knowledge (wisdom) that for generations was handed down from one to the next and built upon as we evolved.  Yet through more recent generations, this knowledge has been questioned and eroded, even dismissed and so much so, it’s now very difficult to know what is right and what is not?

Deep down, I believe we do know.

I see it in the women I work with who want to find the answers they know are there to help overcome their childrens health issues, who are suffering and who want to safeguard their future.  I know because I’ve been there to.    It feels hard to trust our inner voice, gently guiding us to take a road that’s less travelled, and the one we instinctively know is what our families need.

It’s an uncertainty that’s born from a modern, industrialised culture that’s taught us to rely on convenience for answers and to deflect responsibility for our own wellbeing to others, to the experts who ‘know better’.  And often they do know better on a physical or theoretical sense, however, we cannot dismiss the incredible emotional connection and knowing we have as Mothers for our families needs.

‘The bond between mothers and their children is a spiritual force that can never be broken.  Mothers know their children better than anyone else can or ever will…  A mother’s gut instinct overrides all clinical systems set in place to diagnose children’ ~  Anthony William, Author, Medical Medium. 

When we trust this knowing (our intuition or our ‘gut’) and we begin to be more curious, to ask questions, we find answers.

However, in our busy modern lives,  we don’t have the time or space to listen to this maternal instinct, this inner knowing, let alone trust it.  To trust what our families need.

Disconnected from this knowing leaves us feeling confused, overwhelmed or unsure.

There’s a great quote I heard a few years ago…

‘Our children are our future. Take care of our children, and the future takes care of itself’.

However I know now, this isn’t quite right.  Rather – I’ve extended it to:

‘Our children are our future. Nourish the hearts of our women who nourish our children and the future takes care of itself’

As mothers and parents our energy is contagious. When we’re happy, they’re happy.

And this from the late Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker…

‘Your own self-development and wellbeing is the greatest gift you can give to your children. Not self sacrifice.  Self development.  Self sacrifice earns contempt.  Self development and investment earns respect.  The best contribution anyone can do for anyone else is their own personal development. If parents multiply their own personal value what will that do for their children? ‘

It’s not easy.  I know.  It’s work in progress – me too, (although we’re continually work in progress, a journey rather than a destination).  Yet there’s lots of easy things we can do to learn to trust our intuition.

The first step is to gift ourselves space and time.  To look after ourselves.

Try introducing one small thing to begin e.g. it could be as simple as getting up a little earlier to enjoy some quiet or a cup of tea.   It could be taking 5 minutes to sit in the sunshine or 10 minutes to chat with a friend or it might be getting to bed a bit earlier.  Or perhaps it’s chatting to yourself … more kindly.  Whatever you decide, try it, experiment, be curious and when you hear that inner knowing, that excited feeling that comes with ‘knowing’ …  Listen and Trust.

And if you know you’re serious about learning more about how to safeguard your families wellbeing – join me in one of my coaching programs or my very special program, Our Happy Children .   A ground breaking, 4 week holistic education program for the whole family, no matter where you’re at or how busy you are.  We start on the 21st of May, 2018

I love this time of year in Aus. the warmer weather, beach, friends, colleagues and family coming together, but… in reality the lead up to the big day or holidays is outright tiring and stressFULL.

It doesn’t need to be, we have a choice. I hope these 3 tips help ease the busyness and stress for a more relaxed, joyful and a touch more magical festive season.

One: Lower expectations

As much as you want to… It is physically impossible to do all you normally do in a day and week as well as prepare for a lovely, organised, calm and healthy Christmas.

Something gives. Usually our sense of humour and joy.

THE key for a relaxed Christmas is to reduce your expectations of yourself.

Especially as women, we are really good at taking it all on, but then place unnecessary pressure on ourselves (and our families) to achieve it all.

Being AWARE we have another choice, that it can be done differently or in a better way, is the first step. Awareness. Question the choices we’re making.

Try this:

Decide on the basic tasks you absolutely need to complete for each day and perhaps one more bonus item.

For eg. Your list could look like this:

• Complete a load of washing
• Have healthy meals organised for you and your family
• Make sure everyone has made their beds and put dirty clothes in the laundry basket
• Any special requirements for school and/ or work are ready eg, permission slips signed, fundraiser dish prepared etc

Keep it simple. You’ll probably achieve more, fantastic or maybe you won’t, fantastic. But lower your expectations in the first place. It will work magic. Eradicate thoughts of ‘it’s giving in’ or ‘you’re a failure’. It’s keeping it real, keeping stress low, your precious energy high, your immunity strong, your hormones humming along happily and so much more.

Then the most important step, congratulate yourself for achieving these important tasks! And…if you can squeeze in one more task such as ordering some Christmas Gifts online or ordering your Christmas ham, writing 5 Christmas cards, shopping for two gifts etc – you are well on your way to achieving all you need to before Christmas but without the stress.

When we decrease the expectations we have of ourselves it actually frees us to achieve many other tasks, just by lightening the load on our minds, removing our often self imposed pressures (overwhelm) and allowing for a much more festive season.

It’s also wonderful to realise that the world (miraculously) keeps spinning even when we aren’t Superwomen!

Just the basics and one more thing, that’s all we need to do.

Two: Simplify and delegate.

This ties in with number 1 and deserves special mention. How often have you said to yourself, ‘I ate waayyy too much! We all know how easy it is to over indulge at Christmas and it can be quite stressful in the lead up, shopping, preparing and all that cooking! Cooking for family and friends is one of the most rewarding, festive and loving things I think we can do but not if it creates stress, or we feel terrible after over indulging or leaving all that delicious food – uneaten, wasted.

Try this:

As you’re preparing your menu, question how much food you need and if it’s reeaally necessary? Cooking and preparing meals for family is an incredibly rewarding and loving act. However there can be a tendency to prepare way too much and then over indulge in way too much food and regret it later.

Take the stress away by keeping food simple or even sharing the preparation and planning amongst other family members. Most of the time there is no need for lots of food or to do it all yourself.

Stock up the pantry with loads of good things so you’ve always got something good on hand.

Batch cook a few favourite, healthy snacks and meals and pop them in the pantry, fridge or freezer for another time so you always have good food to go.   Choose the quick and easy recipes that only take a few minutes and save loads of time later.  Like this persian love bar or this chocolate slice. These egg pies or these delicious savoury breakfast muffins.  So easy, so good.

… and of course, get family members to take care of some aspects – they actually want to be involved.

Three: Breathe, the ultimate gift.

A simple deep breathe has the power to reset our minds and bodies for an instant holiday. A conscious deep breathe stimulates our rest and digest response (the parasympathetic nervous system), brings us back into the present moment and de-clutters our busy minds.

When we are busy, rushing from one thing to the next we instinctively breathe from our chest, this action automatically stimulates the stress response or the fight and flight response. Ancestrally this was our bodies clever way of preserving basic functions, however the stress response also depletes our energy, hampers digestion and oxygenation, disrupts sleep and so much more.

If we don’t take a moment here and there to de-stress we quickly arrive at Christmas tired, exhausted and irritable. We have a choice.

Try this super simple 30 second exercise – now.

1. Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, mouth closed, and all the way into your diaphragm on a count of 4.
2. Fill up your diaphragm completely with air until you can’t take anymore in.
3. Relax your body and hold for 7 seconds.
4. Let it all out, through your mouth for a count of 8 seconds.

Repeat the above 2 or 3 times. How do you feel?

It can be easily done anywhere and anytime and give an instant reset.

‘When we breathe we feel. When we feel we heal’.

Christmas is such a special time for bringing family and friends together.  It can also bring emotions bubbling to the surface. I hope you can celebrate the incredible gift that this time of year brings, that you can savour the heart warming magic of giving, receiving and connecting rather than falling into a mind trap of emotional depletion and physical heaviness and a smorgasboard of way too much food. And that you’ll need a health coach to help get you back on track with ; )  What choice will you make?

Now I’d love to hear from you and any other tips that work for you?


A big thank you to my co author Kylie McKinnon-Smith, Mother, Administration Consultant. 

‘Change your thoughts and you change your world’ ~ Norman Vincent Peale 

I’m lit up and inspired when people around me feel stronger, happier and healthier.  When they’re kicking their health goals into their field of dreams and becoming better versions of themselves.   Lucky for me I get to see it most days with my clients.

However getting there isn’t easy.  It takes effort.  Modern ‘food’ is so far removed from real food so of course its hard – really hard!  Have you ever thought about what we call ‘food’ today and what we ate just 100 years ago?  No wonder chronic disease surrounds us.  Changing habits in our modern environment can be overwhelming with the mountainous volumes of information that’s out there and we have no idea of whats right or wrong and where to start or what to do next?!

Then the tried and tested excuses can creep in, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘when the kids are older’, ‘Shopping, kids, family commitments’, ‘I’m too old’! ‘I’m too overweight’, ‘I don’t have the energy’, ‘tomorrow’!   The familiar list goes on.   It’s so much easier to give in.

So HOW do we take action and move on out of the rut, the muddle, to bring our health alive?

I think this can help…

We take control of our mind.

We decide.

We take action.

We begin.

And… slowly we start to feel better and we want more of it.  Keep going, small gains,  consistency.  And then someone we haven’t seen for a while says ‘WOW – you look great’! … and you know.

‘We’ being ‘you’ …  There is nobody else or any thing else that can make us fit, healthy, happy or strong.  Nobody.  Only we (you) can do that.

We have competing priorities for our time and our energy.  It does start with ONE thing though i.e. our mind.

Are you in control of your mind or is your mind in control of you?

Where do your priorities lie?

Family and children are our priorities, there is no doubt.  Putting ourselves first is hard, especially with young children.  Yet … when WE aren’t happy, healthy and firing on all cylinders, how can our children or our family be?  And by putting ourselves last on the to-do list, is this the behaviour we want to role model to our children?

So let’s say you’re in control of your mind and you decide to put yourself first, you want to get fit, get healthy, happier, kickstart our energy, our eating habits etc.   Then it’s important to think about what type of action we want to take.

1.  Incremental action?  New choices that are introduced gradually, step x step OR

2.  Massive, dramatic, all at once, leave no prisoners type of action?

This week I’ve casually researched buddies, colleagues and clients to find out if there’s one type that’s more popular than the other – or not.

The consensus … it depends e.g;

All that said, when we WANT to elevate our wellbeing, it becomes a priority, no matter what … we put our MIND to it and change happens.  We take responsibility.  We take action.  We get amazing results, for everyone around us.

And it usually feels great just starting e.g.

Start with whatever is enjoyable and works.

I work with people either one on one or in groups online such as my cleanse or replenish programs.  My one on one programs involve incremental change, new choices introduced step x step (most of the time and depending on individual requirements).  Whereas my online group programs involve massive, dramatic, all at once action.

Even though the approaches are different and cater for all requirements, both approaches have one thing in common, my clients have made the decision to take responsibility for their health.  It’s the first and most important step.

It’s a mind shift.   Make your wellbeing your lifestyle.

What one, simple action can you take to elevate your wellbeing today?

‘The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper’
~ W.B. Yeats

After returning from 10 days camping in outback Western Australia, I want to share where we went because I’ve discovered not many have heard of it (even Western Australian Tourism)!  And it is incredible.  I’m a proud West Aussie and feel that you need to know that we have this natural wonder in our ‘backyard’.

Burringurrah, the aboriginal name for Mount Augustus is recognised as the worlds’ largest rock (monolith), yes, bigger than Uluru!   Erupting out of the landscape in the middle of Western Australia it is surrounded by a vast expanse of shrub and red, (very red) dirt, hikes, aboriginal history and engravings – clearly a place of significance for many thousands of years.   If you haven’t visited and get a chance it’s well worth it.

Like any good holiday we know how good it is to ‘get away’. Camping especially has the power to transport us back in time (without tech and wifi access) and reconnect us to the land, sun, moon, stars and elements – and the timelessness it has for us to explore.

It was without conveniences, but was total bliss.  Although afterwards a hot shower and clean clothes have NEVER felt so good.

What it did for us was to stimulate our senses.  Being outside each day, looking long distances, taking time for food, listening to what’s going on around us.  Senses that historically, are fundamental for life (i.e. survival) and these days can easily become dormant while living our busy, city lives.

In fact – are we de-sensitising?  

Perhaps we are.  Keep reading to find out why…


To be healthy is to be in our most natural element and to do this we need to keep using our senses.

(And perhaps there are more than five e.g. intuition, however I’ll talk about the five for now).

From an evolutionary perspective, are we losing our senses?

  1. Sight.  Our eyes are designed to look long distances, out to the horizon.  Yet most of us sit in an office, class-room or in the home, spending much of our day inside or looking at a computer screen at short range.
  2. Hearing.  Our hearing is critical for detecting danger, yet there is so much ‘noise’ around us, we ‘switch off’ no longer listening out for the natural world.  It’s difficult to really ‘hear’ what’s going on around us above the noise of cars, technology and modern life.   Dementia patients can regain their memory when hearing their favourite music.   Sound can bring us back to life.
  3. Smell.  A friend recently shared a story about a Scientist friend of theirs who had visited an aboriginal community looking for a native and endangered plant.   He asked the woman elder if she had seen the plant species?  With that the elder disappeared and returned thirty minutes later with a specimen of the plant!   He was horrified she had picked it, but he was also intrigued as to HOW she found it?   She told him she had smelt it and quickly squished a couple of leaves in the palm of her hand for him to smell.  While we no longer need an acute sense of smell such as this, we have also LOST this acute sense of smell purely because we no longer use it.
  4. Taste.  Our food has become processed, with our palates narrowing, especially for our children.  Dominated by sweetness, tastes such as bitter, sour, salty and umami (savoury) are neglected but important not only nutritionally but for feeding a healthy microbiome  and for stimulating our digestive and elimination pathways.   Historically we didn’t have such a large choice and had to eat a more varied (and often healthier) diet.
  5. Touch.  Our lives are busy and we have little time to stop and really FEEL touch.  To feel the wind in our hair, the sun on our skin, the rhythms of nature or to take time to enjoy a good hug or to feel our different emotions that bubble to the surface throughout the day.

Our senses literally have the power to wake us up and to bring us alive.

Importantly, there is a common thread that each of these senses has the power to affect.  It is our brains i.e. our nervous systems and stress.   

With stress being one of the biggest contributors to disease, when we’re not broadly stimulating our senses we’re not stimulating our brains and quite possibly become more intolerant to stress. 

It’s not difficult, it’s just that it’s easy not to.  Most of these senses and experiences can be satisfied simply and by going outside or with a few simple ideas e.g.

Which of your senses do you instinctively feel needs a bit more use?

Start with choosing one you instinctively feel needs more attention and exercise it more.  What will you start adding into your day?    Let me know how you go.  I’d love to hear.

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